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  • [Coughing]

  • You're a man?

  • Yeah

  • I mean

  • Do I not look like one?

  • You have been my greatest love.

  • Be careful Diana.

  • They do not deserve you.

  • Have you never met a man before? But what about your father?

  • I had no father, I was brought to life by Zeus.

  • Well that's neat.

  • I can't let you do this.

  • What I do is not up to you.

  • It's Eta Candy, I'm Steve Travers' secretary.

  • What is a secretary?

  • I go where he tells me to go, and I do what he tells me to do.

  • Well, where I'm from that's called slavery.

  • I really like her.

  • Fantastic, ladies after you.



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ワンダーウーマン公式コミコン予告編(2017) - ギャル・ガドット動画 (Wonder Woman Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) - Gal Gadot Movie)

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