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  • God dammit Elizabeth! Hurry up!

  • I'm trying. It won't fit.

  • Oh, big surprise, Willy Wonka.

  • You spend your whole life eating freaking chocolate. Come here.

  • Okay, you need to suck in this food baby.

  • Come on. I can't. Yes, you can.

  • Listen, I'm gonna count to three. You are gonna jump and suck.

  • One, two, three.

  • Look at that. That's a flipping puzzle.

  • Why would you pick the most difficult shoes?

  • I'm not helping you with that, Elizabeth.

  • Oh my gosh, Elizabeth. Just get in the car,

  • No, I wanna take an Uber.

  • Why? Because they have candies.

  • What? Elizabeth, that's so rare. Get in!

  • You're sick.

  • Give me the chips. You are not gonna put it up there

  • Elizabeth! Give me that! Do not put the chips up there, Elizabeth.

  • They are gonna see it.

  • Elizabeth, stop! You are walking like a penguin.

  • Elizabeth! This is so awkward.

  • Oh my god. Give me it Elizabeth.

  • I told you! Sorry it's just the policy.

  • Don't flim here. My bad, my bad. Elizabeth!

  • Elizabeth, stop! Elizabeth, that's the beer pong cups!

  • I'm so sorry. I'm so ...

  • Elizabeth! Give me that! You literally just drank a sport.

  • Elizabeth! Elizabeth!

  • Elizabeth, get down. This isn't Coyote Ugly. Let's go.

  • Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth! What are you doing?

  • I broke my nail.

  • You are in the guys's bathroom! Let's go!

  • Elizabeth, what are you doing?

  • They have a Mario Kart? What is going on here?

  • Are you winning?

  • Elizabeth! Don't do it! Elizabeth, don't do it! Elizabeth!

  • Oh my god, Elizabeth! This isn't Chuck E. Cheese, Michael phelps! Get out!

  • Elizabeth, what the ...! I'm so sorry.

  • Elizabeth, take out your twenties!

  • Is that a penny? Are you kidding me?

  • Come on, Elizabeth! GO! GO!

  • DON'T LOSE TO THIS..! Don't lose to this guy!

  • Elizabeth, you are not on the yellow-brick road.

  • What are you gonna do? Walk your way to McDonalds?

  • I need food.

  • You need to get your shoes on, Dorothy! Come on.

  • Elizabeth! Elizabeth! What the heck are you doing?

  • Are you kidding me?

  • It's a hard knock life.

God dammit Elizabeth! Hurry up!


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