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  • Hello it's me Hey guys it's Cara and today is a very exciting day, because the wonderful

  • Adele has decided to finally release her new album 25 and I am so excited. I have been

  • waiting for years like many others for her to come out with new music so this is going

  • to be amazing. I'm so excited. I'm going to be listening to Adele's new album and you

  • guys are going to be able to listen along with me and we are going to react together

  • and feel the feels together It's going to be amazing, and I'm prepared because I brought

  • tissues and I brought ice cream so all the feels can happen and the tears that are surely

  • going to come. They can all happen. I have braced myself for the emotional rollercoaster

  • that is Adele's music. Now I haven't heard any bit of the new album besides Hello; I

  • have been completely avoiding it. So without further ado, let's listen to 25. So this one

  • is called "Send my love (to your new lover)" Oh my gosh that voice! Oh my gosh that is so different

  • than what I thought that song would sound like. I thought it was going to be the normal

  • Adele slow song but that was really upbeat, and I don't want to say pop like, but a little

  • bit. That was really good though; that was catchy. When she sang "Mmmm" she sounded amazing.

  • It makes me want to know Adele so I can ask her like "hey, Adele have you gone to the

  • bathroom today?" And she'll be like "Mmhmm" and it'll sound so beautiful. And I'll record

  • it and make it my ring tone. This one is called "I miss you" all right, I think this is going

  • to be emotional. Oh my god this is amazing. This is only the first two songs? 'I miss

  • you' started off with kind of a weird start I felt like I was in some kind of eclectic

  • cafe with some singer. And then oh my gosh it got louder and I was feeling it. Then they

  • had those back up vocals that sound like baby angels coming down from heaven just to sing

  • with her. This is called 'When we were young' and I don't know why, I haven't listened to

  • it yet and I haven't listened to the others, but I feel like this is going to be one of

  • my favorite songs. That one made me emotional. Adele how do you do this? It just captures

  • emotions in a way that most songs don't. I was right. Just by reading that title, I love

  • that song already. I'm sorry I'm going to listen to it one more time. So it's called

  • 'Remedy' *sings* oh wait, no that's Clarity. That's the kind of song that makes me wish

  • I kept up with piano lessons, so that I could know how to play that. Are any of these songs

  • going to be bad at some point? And that vocal ability. How do you have that much vocal control?

  • My voice still cracks like a pubescent boy how do you do it woman? This one is called

  • 'Water Under the Bridge' it reminds me of a troll; I hope it's a troll song. This is

  • the song you sing to your partners in a group project because they're constantly letting

  • you down. When music gets louder in an Adele song that's when you know it's getting good. This is so

  • exciting; I'm so happy for Adele. The fact that she's back and she made an amazing album

  • like how much pressure must she be under that she made two amazing albums, won tons of Grammy's,

  • she left for like 5 years so there's so much pressure on her to make something extraordinary.

  • And she's come out with something so good. We've got 5 songs left. 'River Lea' Lia? Leah?

  • Oh Lea! Did I not just say when the music gets louder in an Adele song that's when you

  • know if gets good, that's when you know it gets real real good. So good, so good. This

  • one's called 'Love in the Dark' oooh is this going to be sexual? Or maybe not, maybe I'm

  • applying sexual things to a very innocent song. Who knows? I don't. That was emotional.

  • Like all of them are emotional, but that one was really really emotional. Like you've moved

  • on and don't love me anymore. The one lyric 'I'm being cruel to be kind' that's so beautiful

  • and eloquent and just captures so much of this I'm doing the best for you and it's horrible

  • and I hate it but I know it's best for you in the end. Just making me feel all the feels

  • tonight, gosh. That song was not about sex, but it was very fulfilling. Guys we only have

  • three songs left. This one is called 'Million Years Ago' I'm thinking it's about dinosaurs.

  • Maybe it's a history lesson.

  • That one.... that hit home with me. I feel like Adele was looking into my freaking soul.

  • The things she was saying, and talking about life moving by so quickly and staring at your

  • reflection and looking down at the ground more than the sky. Oh you can be sure I'll

  • be listening to that nonstop. That is an amazing song. I feel like no matter who you are or

  • what you're going through in life one of these songs is going to probably cover something

  • that you're going through in life. This one is called 'All I Ask'. I feel like this is

  • a song written for a waiter. All I ask is for a little more water; just a little more

  • lemon, just a squinch of lemon. Another home run for Adele. It's a freaking rule Adele

  • that you need to have at least one bad song in the album you're not following the rules,

  • it's not fair. The people at the Grammy's are just going to be literally waving the

  • awards like " Just let us give you it!" Just like her fans are like "Just let us give you

  • our money!" that moment where she says "what if I never love again" it's heartbreaking.

  • I just want to hug her be like "I'll love you Adele; I'll love you so much" All right

  • guys this is the last song. It's called 'Sweetest Devotion'. The last big jump on this emotional

  • rollercoaster.

  • The fact that Adele can just way "woo woo" and can make it sound so beautiful. It's like

  • who are you woman? What planet did you come from? Adele, do your farts sound like music?

  • Because when you just make random noises like "mmm" it sounds like music, it sounds like

  • beautiful music that I'd buy for $1.29. I got to say, every single song is really solid.

  • I think sometimes they can sound the same, but I say that with every album, but that's

  • because it's by the same person. But even though they all have a very similar sound,

  • they're all very unique. I'm going to do a guess for how many Grammy's she's going to

  • win. I'm going to say 10. 10 Grammy's. Adele is freaking back. Yes! Well if you liked that

  • video, please give this video a big thumbs up. And if you like me reacting to these things

  • and you want me to react to more stuff let me know in the comments below. Let me know

  • what I should react to next. Also, if you guys have never seen me before and this is

  • your first time on my channel hi I'm Cara, I make weekly videos on this channel and if

  • you'd like to see more videos remember to hit that subscribe button because I make them

  • every single week. Other than that, my social media links are in the downbar below so you

  • guys can check me out there. But other than that, I'll see you guys next week thanks so

  • much for watching! Bye!

Hello it's me Hey guys it's Cara and today is a very exciting day, because the wonderful


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