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  • Hello my name is Steve Smith and I work for Pico Technology

  • We are looking at the WPS transducer connected to diesel injector back leakage

  • By no means does this replace the bottle test but is in addition to

  • The beauty of this is we can actually go on a road test

  • Assuming we have got the drain and the spill set up correctly and securely

  • So we will no switch on the WPS

  • It is important to have the pressure sensing tap open to atmosphere

  • Because at this point we are running through a calibration

  • So we are setting the zero to atmospheric pressure in every scale

  • Now because we are measuring spill

  • We are going to measuring spill or back leakage through the measurement port

  • Through the measurement chamber

  • And it is important we don't offer a restriction here

  • So we must have a flow through and straight back out

  • So how we do this

  • Is by using a cable tie

  • That way we can keep the bleed or drain tap open

  • To demonstrate

  • Tap is closed

  • Tap is now open

  • So any pressure we apply to here

  • Back leakage will drain straight through into our spill bottle

  • Connection wise we are connected to number 4 injector

  • So it is at the end of the injector rail

  • Connected into our pressure port

  • We have the pressure bleed tap open

  • So diesel back leakage can pass through the WPS

  • Through the measuring chamber

  • And straight out through the spill into the collection bottle

  • We have a breakout lead connected to injector 1 measuring current

  • So now we can monitor the spill from each injector

  • The pressure in the spill in the back leakage from each injector

  • Whilst monitoring the signal from number 1 injector

  • It is important to note that when we start the vehicle

  • If we can hold the WPS pressure transducer upside down momentarily

  • We can bleed any air that is trapped within the pressure port

  • Through the measurement chamber and out through the drain port

  • Now start the engine

  • Engine revs

  • Engine stops

Hello my name is Steve Smith and I work for Pico Technology


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WPS500圧力変換器を使用したメルセデスディーゼルのバックリークテスト (Mercedes Diesel back leakage test using WPS500 pressure transducer)

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