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  • All right, so you want to go out for the evening and you want a quick evening look. So I'm

  • going to show you like a ten minute look from start to finish. What I'm going to do is just

  • a really dramatic lip with a very sheer sparkly shimmery eye. First thing I'm going to do

  • is I'm going to take a crème eyeshadow, look down for me, taking my number twenty-two brush

  • and I'm applying it to the lid. It's really important that you get a nice layer of this

  • crème on there. Because you want that intense shine so that when I use a powder product

  • on top of it it's really shiny. And this is one of the few times where you can take it

  • pretty much over the entire lid. Now if you've got hooded eyes, this won't work for you.

  • You'll still need to put it just on your lid. But since Alex has a basic eye shape. Then

  • I'm going to take a shimmery, frosty, sparkly all of the above powder and I'm going to put

  • it over what I just applied. By putting the crème on first as you all know it will make

  • that shimmer even more sparkly. And I'm patting it on to get more application rather than

  • brushing it on. You'd actually be surprised how much definition you get from highlighting

  • because everything you lighten is just as important as everything you darken.

  • Now with her midtone I only want the slightest bit of midtone. So instead of using the normal

  • brush which is usually my number eleven, I'm going to use my number thirteen to get it

  • just a very thin line of midtone. And you want to draw it, keep your head up, you want

  • to draw it right, look down for me, you want to draw it right slightly above that crease

  • in a solid line. I'll let you look at it while I put it on the other so you can see where

  • I've put it and how detailed it is. Then you're going to take your number twenty eight brush

  • and you're going to blend it out. Now you don't want to blend up and down. Just blend

  • across because you just want it to stay kind of within that line. And you can se how that

  • just gives the eye a slight bit of definition but keeps the eye very minimal looking. Now

  • we're just going to do a coat of mascara. Because thick, dark lashes are a must for

  • this look. As you can see I had already done one coat so this is my second.

  • Now with this look I like to highlight underneath the eye. I'm going to take my highlight shade, I'm

  • going to highlight the inside corner and all along the bottom lash line. It just gives

  • the eye a really fresh, I don't want to say unmade up look but just kind of fresh, clean

  • look that you can't get any other way. So I'm just going to do a highlight along the

  • lower lash line. And then on the very outer corner I'll do a little bit of my midtone.

  • Now I'm going to take that number thirteen brush again, just take a tiny bit of my midtone,

  • look up, just right in this outer corner for a little bit of definition. And the one little

  • trick that I love to do for this look to be even more dramatic but in a fresh unmade up

  • way, I am going to take a concealer pencil, look up for me, and put it on the inside wet

  • tissue of the eye. It really kind of open the eye up and gives you a wide eyed look.

  • Now I'm going to do my bold lip. First thing I'm going to do in order to make this bold

  • lip have a really perfect edge is I'm going to conceal all around her lip so I get a really

  • defined edge to that bold lip. So I'm just going to take my foundation brush and I'm

  • going to conceal the edge of her lip. Any time you do a very intense lip of any sort,

  • you want to conceal the edge of the lip. Then I'm going to take, then take and powder it.

  • Now, take your dark pencil and I'm going to line the lip. And the majority of your time

  • on this look is going to end up being on the lips because it takes a while to get a perfect

  • dark lip. Also by concealing the lip first it's going to keep it all in place a little

  • bit better and longer for you. I'm also, I like the world also don't I? I'm also going

  • to fill in her lip with this lip liner because the texture of a lip liner is drier than a

  • lipstick so it really helps the color stay. Also, remember if you have thin lips this

  • is not your look. You're not aloud to wear it. Now that my last good nerve is gone, no

  • I'm just kidding. Now I'm going to take my lip brush and take my dark lip color and now

  • fill in. Now in order to get it to stay longer, you're going to do one layer of lipstick,

  • you're going to blot and then you're going to do another quick layer of lipstick. This

  • gives you two layers of pigment and only one layer of moisture. Then you're going to take

  • a little bit of a berry lip gloss, and I'm just going to put it right on top of that

  • lip 'cause I always like

  • a little shine.

All right, so you want to go out for the evening and you want a quick evening look. So I'm


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10 Minute Evening Look Make Up Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

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