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  • What is privacy?

  • In Australia, personal information is protected by the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

  • Personal information is information that can identify you,

  • like your name or a photo.

  • The Privacy Act does not cover physical privacy.

  • The Privacy Act applies to Australian government agencies,

  • all medium to large businesses

  • and not-for-profits,

  • all private health services,

  • the credit reporting industry,

  • and all organisations trading in personal information.

  • It does not apply to the acts of individuals or most small businesses.

  • Privacy is important.

  • It's about protecting information that says who we are,

  • what we do,

  • what we think,

  • what we believe.

  • For more information about privacy, visit our website at:


What is privacy?


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What is privacy?

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