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  • To think that our life could come down to just

  • a roll of the dice, a flip of the cards

  • I don't think

  • life should be in somebody's hands

  • in a government's hands

  • that can take that away

  • My name is Ray Krone

  • and I'm the Director of Communication and Training

  • with Witness to Innocence.

  • Back in 1992 I was arrested for the murder of a barmaid

  • in Phoenix, Arizona, convicted solely

  • on bite-mark evidence, sent to death row.

  • And finally in 2002 we had DNA evidence that matched

  • another man

  • and I was subsequently released. And he was arrested

  • for the murder I spent

  • 10 years, 3 months and 8 days in prison for.

  • A lot of time I start out with actually saying

  • I used to support the death penalty. I wasn't

  • Ra Ra Ra, Kill 'em all, but

  • from where I came from it just seemed acceptable

  • because it was something on television, it was something in the news

  • it didn't touch, affect our lives

  • It was for the worst of the worst. And I was one of those

  • portrayed as a monster

  • I was the one that they read about in the paper

  • or seen on television.

  • That's the person sentenced to death ...

  • he's a monster, kill him.

  • For those of us who were sent to death row wrongfully, that were innocent

  • we didn't know where it was gonna end

  • we didn't know when we were gonna get out.

  • And it wasn't just us, it was our families who were there with us.

  • We didn't know how it was gonna end. We're just fortunate to be able now

  • to come out now and tell that story.

  • What Witness is dedicated to is

  • abolishment of the death penalty through wrongful conviction

  • and exonerees telling their stories to the public and to

  • legislatures in hopes of change, and enlightenment in realizing that our system gets it wrong

  • and we can't have a penalty that's not reversible.

  • There's so many moving moments that happen when you go and speak with the public. I was

  • speaking at a law school nearby and afterwards

  • a person came up and said, you probably don't remember me

  • but you spoke to my high school class a few years ago.

  • It's because of you I went to law school and I want to be a defense

  • attorney so I can protect

  • more Ray Krones that are out there.

  • Before Ray

  • was arrested

  • and convicted, and sentenced to death, I'd never thought about the death penalty.

  • I didn't care about the death penalty, whether they had it or not.

  • It didn't matter to me.

  • Now since I've seen what

  • can happen, and how close

  • a tragedy can occur

  • with the legal system the way it is now

  • I am definitely against the death penalty.

  • And the possibility of the errors that can be made. We're very fortunate to

  • have the support from Atlantic Philanthropies. That

  • funding that they've given us has allowed us to continue

  • in our ability to speak and bring about public awareness

  • and of course legislative change

  • which of course resulted in the abolishment of the death penalty

  • in New Jersey, New Mexico, and Illinois. The death penalty must be abolished.

  • The finality of the sentence, the finality of taking of a life

  • leaves no room for error. But we get it wrong, we make mistakes.

  • There should be no punishment

  • that you can't reverse later on. Say I'm sorry I made a mistake. We were wrong.

  • Because we are human, our justice system is human.

  • They make mistakes, they get it wrong. Executing an innocent person has

  • most likely happened and will continue to happen until we do away with the death penalty.

To think that our life could come down to just


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レイの話。死刑の間違い (Ray's Story: A Death Penalty Mistake)

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