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  • The more conscious you are of what you buy,

    [Otis] 自分が買うものに 気を遣うようになれば

  • the more you appreciate the things around you.

    身の回りの物の良さが わかるようになります

  • I mean, in my mind, the idea


  • is to have fewer, more valuable possessions.


  • My name is Otis James,

    私はOtis James

  • and I make hats and ties in Nashville, Tennessee.

    テネシー州ナッシュビルで 帽子とネクタイを作っています

  • Hats have always been a passion of mine.

    私はこれまでずっと 帽子にこだわってきました

  • I've worn hats since I was about 14.


  • I had one hat -- a tweed ivy cap,

    前に持っていた ツィードのアイビーキャップは

  • took it everywhere, wore it everywhere.


  • It went with me on all my trips,

    旅行にも必ず持っていき しまいには

  • until I took it apart to learn how to make another one.

    分解して似たような 別の帽子を作ろうと考えました

  • I think knowing where something came from,


  • where it was made, and who made it,


  • is what adds richness.


  • It's important to me that Google make it easier,

    Googleのおかげで いろいろなことが簡単になりました

  • especially for people visiting.


  • They're looking for things to do in a certain area,

    お客様がその近くで 何かを探しているときに

  • you want to show up as a destination.


  • The more you can control your reach in one place,

    お客様へのアプローチを 1か所で管理できるので

  • the less time you're taking away from actually doing the things


  • that made your business what it is.


  • I like getting correspondences when people tell me,


  • like, I gave your tie to this person and he loves it.

    気に入ってもらえたと メッセージが届くとうれしくなります

  • A customer in China who's bought a couple ties and hats,

    ネクタイと帽子を購入した 中国のお客様は

  • and sent me -- sent me a picture of him wearing a hat

    その帽子をかぶっている写真を 送ってくれました

  • actually at a -- a barista competition.

    その帽子をかぶっている写真を 送ってくれました

  • That's the kind of stuff that keeps you going every day.

    こうしたことが 毎日の仕事の励みになります

  • If I could only tell people one thing,


  • I would want to tell them that we care about what we do.

    私たちは仕事にこだわりを 持っていると言いたいです

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マイグーグル物語:オーチス・ジェイムズ (Google My Business Stories: Otis James)

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