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  • Hey guys! Mr Oliver here, I wanna teach you how to be an incredible tosser.

  • It looks good, of course, it looks kinda pro. But that's not the reason for doing it, it's about everything

  • that's inside that pan, we wanna kinda give it equal love, of flavour and heat, access

  • to heat right. That's why we do it. So the whole dish just improves in flavour and texture.

  • So let me teach you the tips to being the most unbelievable tosser. First up, cold pan.

  • It might seem weird but trust me. And then just get a couple of handfuls of regular dried

  • rice there, hold it around here. Just like you would a drumstick ok? Secondly use gravity

  • to be your best friend. So just lean it like that, we don't wanna be tossing flat, that's

  • kinda hard. If you go down like that gravity helps you and it flows the food down. Then a little flick back.

  • So we're dipping down, we're using the curve of the pan, and that's

  • why you really need a good pan for this, thick bottom pan so you've got even heat distribution

  • so you've got a nice curved edge. So it's kinda giving you that nice little lick. So

  • use gravity, flick it back. The great thing is of course, when you start cooking, you

  • start being able to multitask. So let's show you a few little things in tossing mode. In

  • we go with some pasta, we can just agitate it like that. The other thing is, when you

  • putting things like parmasan, keep tossing, and you get that perfect mix of ingredients.

  • So you can apply the same thing to so many things, whether it's risotto, whether you're

  • doing a stirfry, whether you're, kinda, doing lovely little croutons in bacon, over a salad.

  • So there you go guys, that is my tossing 101. Share this on social media if you've got a

  • friend who needs help in tossing, or is a tosser but needs a little bit of fine tuning.

  • If you wanna see any more of my videos like how to tenderise my meat, or how to sharpen

  • my big chopper, then click the link in the description box below. Until next time, thank

  • you very much.

Hey guys! Mr Oliver here, I wanna teach you how to be an incredible tosser.


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ジェイミー・オリバーのような信じられないほどのトッサーになる方法 - AD (How To Be An Incredible Tosser like Jamie Oliver - AD)

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