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  • Meet Daniel and Alex.

  • Both lead a healthy lifestyle

  • and try to drink only water.

  • However, there is a small difference between them:

  • Daniel drinks tap water but Alex likes to drink only mineral water.

  • Alex is certain that he has been drinking clean and well inspected water.

  • But what he doesn’t know is that he and Daniel drink the same water.

  • Daniel gets his water from the tap

  • while Alex pays 2$ a bottle! Why does Alex choose to pay?

  • Mineral water manufacturers branded the bottled water as mineral water and

  • convinced the public that mineral water is healthier, but in most of the world,

  • tap water is similar to mineral water and even safer. Bottled water, therefore,

  • is more expensive and is not healthier. But there are few things that Alex does not take into account,

  • such as: Production of mineral water harms the environment.

  • Natural springs dry out. Bottles are made of oil-derived substances.

  • Transportation of bottles and huge waste that pollutes the environment.

  • So, what do you think Alex should do?

Meet Daniel and Alex.


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ボトルウォーターの話と、ボトルウォーターの本当の姿について驚くべきことがあります。 (The story of bottled water and what should surprise you about what bottled water really is.)

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