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  • The first in the very haphazardly titled "Rambo" quadrilogy, this action drama film by Ted

  • Kotcheff made over $100 million in profit against its small $14-million dollar budget.

  • Released in October of 1982, the 93-minute story follows Sylvester Stallone as a Vietnam

  • Veteran who uses his Green Beret training against a small town police force after they

  • unnecessarily arrest, and abuse him. A slow moving and understated experience that examines

  • the life of a war veteran struggling with post-traumatic-stress disorder, this movie

  • is surprisingly more layered and poignant than it needs to be. He later defends his

  • violent rampage by screaming, "Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off!

  • It wasn't my war!" On the surface, it's an enjoyable R-rated adventure with plenty of

  • blood, gun-fights, and explosions... but at its heart, is a the story of a man fighting

  • for his own identity and purpose - a role which Stallone pulls off admirably. Playing

  • the villainous town sheriff hell-bent on taking Stallone in is Tony-award winning actor Brian

  • Dennehy, who makes his hateful antagonist actions look easy. Richard Crenna is featured

  • in a much smaller role as Sly's old army Colonel, brought in to effectively "talk down" our

  • hero before he causes any more damage. Shot on location in the beautiful forests of British

  • Columbia, the cinematography here is artistic without ever being showy. A sequence where

  • Stallone camouflages himself in the deep brush, silently taking out every member of a hunting

  • party with non-lethal booby traps and takedowns is especially well done. When Jerry Goldsmith's

  • quiet and melodic score intensifies, the patriotic sounds help portray Rambo as a sympathetic

  • individual. I am however bothered that the hateful motivation of Dennehy is never adequately

  • explained... he decides to be a vengeful jerk without any strong reason. This, coupled with

  • a quiet, sort-of cop-out ending leaves a little to be desired. A decently believably narrative

  • with few twists or surprises... this is an interesting and entertaining movie worth watching

  • - especially since it sets up the more successful and memorable sequels. "First Blood", "Methodical

  • action with complicated personalities." Now, here's what you had to say in the YouTube

  • comments.

  • Our scores for "First Blood", an EIGHT and a SEVEN. You applauded the more nuanced approach

  • to the action-genre, rating this a GREAT. I too, was impressed with Stallone's performance...

  • but that alone didn't make the movie truly fantastic, I thought it was COOL.

The first in the very haphazardly titled "Rambo" quadrilogy, this action drama film by Ted


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ファースト・ブラッド(ランボー) -- 映画レビュー #JPMN (First Blood (Rambo) -- Movie Review #JPMN)

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