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  • You're laughing, right?

  • Watching me tumble like that?

  • Are you?

  • Oh! No no, go ahead!

  • But hey, do you know what just happened?

  • There we go again!

  • Well, this is nothing but an earthquake, a small one indeed.

  • Come, let me tell you about Earthquakes today!

  • Zoom In!

  • The surface of the Earth is like a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Yes, it's not a single piece of land

  • but approximately 20 pieces of a puzzle that constantly move,

  • but you don't feel it because they move quite slowly.

  • Each of one those puzzle pieces are called 'Tectonic Plates'.

  • So whenever those plates hit

  • bump or slide past another plate, an earthquake is caused!

  • The surface where these plates slip is called the Fault or the Fault plane.

  • So when do you think it happens?

  • Well, it happens all the time!

  • But hey, don't be scared.

  • Most of the times, we don't feel the quakes as they are too small to reach us.

  • But sometimes, they are so strong that they can be felt over 1000 miles away.

  • The place where the earthquake originates is called the Hypocentre

  • and the place where it occurs on the Earth's surface is called the Epicenter.

  • There are three types of Earthquakes.

  • Convergent boundary.

  • Here, one plate is forced over another during an earthquake,

  • which causes a Thrust Fault

  • Many hills and mountains have been formed

  • due to the Convergent Boundary.

  • Divergent boundary

  • Here, plates are drifted apart from each other,

  • forming a Rift Zone.

  • This kind gives birth to new ocean floors.

  • Transform fault

  • Here, the plates here slip by each other and this is also called Strike-Slip.

  • So earthquakes are nothing but the shaking,

  • rolling or a sudden shock of the earth's surface.

  • Now you know that whenever the Earth is stressed or angry,

  • it shakes and grumbles!

  • Don't be scared, I was just kidding

  • The instrument used by Scientists

  • to measure the intensity of Earthquake is known as a Seismograph!

  • A Tsunami is caused when earthquakes occur under water.

  • Yikes! I need to rush before I tumble again.

  • So this is me Zooming out. Tune in next time for more fun facts.

You're laughing, right?


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