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  • Hello lords and ladies, welcome back to Cartoon Hangout. Your place for all things cartoons

  • and tonight that means a new review of Adventure Time! I'm sorry this video is getting to you

  • so late, but I didn't wake up until this afternoon and I had others things to take care of. Instead

  • of rushing through this review and the last, I decided to take my time even if you don't

  • get this review until later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Better late than a piece

  • of crap, right?

  • Anyway, episode 2 of season 7, titled "Varmints" was exactly the feels I expect from Adventure

  • Time. I almost thought this episode was part of the Stakes mini-series since it involved

  • Marceline, but that doesn't start for another week or so, if I recall. This episode mostly

  • revolves around Marceline finally discovering that Bubblegum is no longer the princess of

  • Ooo and instead owns a little cabin at the edge of the kingdom, but is still technically

  • in the kingdom as pointed out by the king...who apparently sleeps in PB's nightgown and a

  • pink wig. Dude's got problems, friends.

  • Marceline is pretty upset over PB not telling her about what had happened, but we learn

  • that PB was actually too embarrassed. So Marceline ends up hanging out with her all night in

  • order to stop some varmints from eating her pumpkins.

  • I really enjoyed this episode as we finally got to see more of PB reacting to losing her

  • kingdom, which has hit her a lot harder than we probably thought. She finally breaks down

  • after losing her hat to a 'varmint' and is comforted by Marceline. I've got to admit

  • that after hearing about the fan theory regarding PB and Marceline as former lovers, it tends

  • to color every scene they share. Now I can't help but read into their interactions.

  • I mean, watch this scene and tell me you don't get the same vibe as I did. I actually wouldn't be opposed to this ship,

  • because I am seven seasons past shipping PB with Finn. I prefer him with the Flame Princess,

  • but I think that ship was sunk.

  • Like I said above, this episode was very heavy with the feels. We gained insight into Princess

  • Bubblegum's emotional state regarding the loss of her kingdom and learned a little bit

  • more of her past with Marceline. I think it's adorable they used to explore the mines and

  • Marceline got her to do some tagging, even if what she tagged fell in line with PB's

  • personality.

  • There are times when I don't like PB, but episodes like this help humanize her and I

  • feel sorry for her. She's had to run a kingdom filled with a lot of incompetent citizens

  • (I mean, her guards are pretty lousy, too), so of course she'd end up closing herself

  • off trying to prepare for every eventuality.

  • She's the Batman of Adventure Time! Yeah, but no, I sympathize with Bubblegum a lot

  • on that front. I think we've all at one time or another closed ourselves off from everyone

  • because we were preparing for the worst. Seriously, this was a great episode and I almost wish

  • this was the premiere episode of season 7, but a viewer explained they probably didn't

  • want to open with another heavy, emotional episode like previous season premieres or

  • the last few episodes of season 6. Makes sense.

  • That's my review, but let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below.

  • If I missed anything at all, let me know that, too. Also I'm going to try to give you viewers

  • a question answer in every review to keep you engaged, so today's question is this:

  • Do you ship Marceline and Bubblegum? Alright, thanks for watching and I'll see you tomorrow

  • for another review, take care.

Hello lords and ladies, welcome back to Cartoon Hangout. Your place for all things cartoons


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