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  • Hey. How's it going?

  • I'm Gabby Wallace, your American English teacher and today I'm not in a recording studio.

  • Today I'm coming to you from the shore of the Bosphorus River.

  • You can see behind me. I hope it's not too distracting but this is

  • the best place -- kind of quiet -- where I could make a quick English tip and update

  • for you today. So, in this quick tip, I want to talk about

  • why it's difficult to become fluent in English and what the answer is.

  • How to become fluent in English. I get this question so much.

  • How can I become fluent in English? What should I do?

  • Well, I think the biggest problem is that in most English classes we don't start with

  • steps or formula, or instructions. You know how when you get a new -- it could

  • be a new toy, it could be a new piece of furniture, it could be a new game -- you usually read

  • the instructions or maybe a friend tells you how to play the game.

  • But you need to know the rules in order to play the game, and for me, that's a lot like

  • learning English. I mean, in my mind it really helps me to know

  • the rules before I play a game, and learning a language to me is a lot like playing a game.

  • So, what I'd like to do with you over the next seven quick English tips, back-to-back,

  • I'm going to share my seven steps for English fluency.

  • These are steps that I made for the Go Natural English community, for you, to show you exactly

  • the rules of the game -- How to become fluent in English.

  • So, it's kind of detailed, so, I want to take it one step at a time.

  • Now, if you would like the video, audio, and the text -- all of the subtitles for all seven

  • steps, come to That's the number 7 s-t-e-p-s, and you can

  • download all of that with one click. I want you to come visit so, I would love

  • to share that valuable resource with you to help you improve your fluency.

  • I'm going to keep this really quick but for today what I want you to remember is that

  • it's really important to understand the rules of the game if you want to win it.

  • Okay, so that's what we're going to do with English -- with our seven steps to fluency

  • over the next few days. This is a really valuable series that I'm

  • sharing with you that could be its own course but I want to offer it free for you to help

  • you as much as I can. So, come on over and grab the video, audio,

  • and text for all seven or you can wait over the next week or two weeks, I believe, it'll

  • take some time since we're on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday release for quick tips.

  • You can wait and you can watch the videos separately, the audio separately, and read

  • the subtitles as you watch the videos on YouTube, or you can come over to

  • Okay, I hope to see you there. And don't forget to click on "subscribe" so

  • you don't miss a single update or video. Right there, right there, right there, hit

  • it. Okay, I'll see you later.

  • Bye

Hey. How's it going?


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