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  • Oh! Are you recording?

  • Oh, Hi! I'm Rustin Hieber, and you're about to see how incredible my life is.

  • Form the moment I wake up, I just feel confident.

  • Uh...I'm better than most people in life.

  • And from there I just put on my "Oh look! He probably has more money than you" clothes, and just head out.

  • And why do I head out? Obviously to show off my new kicks.

  • Oh! You thought I meant shoes? No! I mean real kicks.

  • I probably practice my kicks seven times a year. No big deal.

  • And then I just head on inside to work on my new hit single that's coming out soon. Never say never.

  • Ok, so maybe it wasn't quite finished, but I tried it in many different ways.

  • You know, I tried it with a deep sexy voice.

  • I tried a little bit higher for that pre-puberty sound.

  • More country.

  • Emo.

  • And I even did a doggy style.

  • And then I was like, "Wait! It doesn't even matter." Autotuned

  • And then I realized, there was another problem.

  • I will never say never. Wait, I just said it twice.

  • I will never say never unless I need to.

  • I might sometime say...

  • I may...

  • I probably won't...

  • I know you love me...

  • I will never say never...unless the circumstances are appropriate for the situations that I'm in at the current time.

  • You know sometimes during the day I go to visit my Vocal-stiloliger-izer-ist.

  • And he helps me to sing just a ted bit better than I already am.

  • I don't know why he chose singing. It baffles my mind.

  • He actually has no talent at all.

  • That's what I am doing!

  • If he was Santa during Christmas, everyone, I mean everyone, would be upset. Because he has no gifts.

  • You know one of the most popular questions I get all the time is

  • Hey Rustin, how's your love life?

  • Let me tell you. When I was 13, I had my first love.

  • There was nobody that could compare to my babynobody that can ever come between us or could ever come above.

  • And I was like

  • Baby! Baby, baby.

  • Oh, I'm gonna tell you one time.

  • Girl I love, girl I love, girl I love you

  • And that's all I need, I just need somebody to love. That way, there would be one less lonely girl.

  • 'Cause when you smile, I smile. So please, be a part of my world...2.0.

  • Are you high?

  • What?

  • Are you on drugs? That made no sense.

  • What? No! Never...say never to drugs! Yes I am...

Oh! Are you recording?


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