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  • the cultivation of mindfulness of moment to moment

  • non-judgemental awareness

  • is really it sounds very simple but it's actually

  • just about the hardest work in the world

  • for human beings because we get so

  • caught up in our condition states of mind

  • when we

  • begin to cultivate awareness

  • its really important to bring

  • certain attitudinal approach to it

  • so that we're not trying to force anything to happen or sit in a kind of

  • rigid posture

  • we retain some special state that will, you know that we sort of

  • think, that's what it is, I'll be enlightened or I'll just be permanently

  • wise or I'll be this. I'll be that

  • the problem isn't actually with the Enlightenment with the permanently wise

  • or anything like that, the problem is with the personal pronouns

  • I mean mind, they are very very problematic

  • because who we think we are and who we actually are

  • are very different and there is a huge separation

  • who we think we are as very very small compared to who we actually are

  • and so when we are cultivating mindfulness

  • in MBSR or with people

  • we encourage a certain kind of a attitude that's brought to

  • the formal and informal practices that you can keep in mind through

  • your daily life as well, and these attitudes

  • there are seven of them that I put

  • in Full Catastrophe Living when I was writing it

  • because it really felt like if you bring

  • if you start to cultivate acceptance if you start to cultivate non striving

  • if you start to cultivate letting go or letting be

  • you start to cultivate trust and patient, these qualities

  • can be cultivated in everyday life with your children

  • with your parents, with your

  • partner or spouse with your colleagues at work

  • and so it's a way of reinforcing in deepening

  • the actual formal and informal meditation practices

  • Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke 英文聽打:大西啟介 中譯:牧行者

the cultivation of mindfulness of moment to moment


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