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  • You're going to be a Worth Academy graduate!

  • Because I've designed a plan.

  • Your life plan.

  • Hour of the day, day of the week.

  • The week of the month, the month of the year.

  • The year of your life!

  • We're not leaving anything to chance.

  • Up here I am! Up Here!

  • You're going to make a wonderful grown-up.

  • Thank you, Mom.

  • I just wanted to give your drawing back.

  • You didn't like it?

  • No! I did.

  • Once upon a time...

  • There's a little prince.

  • who lived on a planet that was scarcely bigger than himself.

  • I thought I'd never find anyone who wanted to hear my story.

  • If you please, draw me a sheep.

  • What was a kid doing in the desert?

  • There was no mention of life on any other planets.

  • An asteroid. Asteroid B612.

  • And the little prince...

  • He was very fond of sunset.

  • Did you finish your study work?

  • Not exactly...

  • I made a friend.

  • If you study hard and you stay completely on track with the plan.

  • You can spend some time with your new friend.

  • ...Next summer.

  • Look at that.

  • The stars are out!

  • Hey! Come and play with me.

  • I cannot play with you.

  • I'm not tamed.

  • If you tame me, we shall need each other.

  • To me, you'll be unique in all the world.

  • What is essential is invisible to the eye.

  • When the moment does come for me to leave...

  • I have to go alone.

  • Do you know how to fly a plane?

  • Buckle up!

  • I'm not so sure I want to grow up anymore.

  • Growing up is not the problem.

  • Forgetting is!

  • You're going to make a wonderful grown-up.

You're going to be a Worth Academy graduate!


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The Little Prince Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures

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