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  • Oh, shit!

  • [Ripping Sound] Oh! Ow! Jeez...

  • [Oz] Everybody okay? I'm fine.

  • I'm fine. Everything's fine.

  • Shut the fuck up, or I'll break down this door and pummel your ass!

  • No, don't come in here. I'm fine. Everything...

  • I just fell out of the bed. Okay, good night, then. You sure?

  • Okay. We'll see you in the morning. Uh, night.

  • ## [Rock]

  • Oh!

  • Oh! ## [Man Singing, Indistinct]

  • Shit! Oh, shit!

  • Aah! [Ripping Sound]

  • Ow! Aah!

  • [Ripping Sound] Ow!

  • [Man On Phone] Poison control. Hello?

  • Uh, hi, hi.

  • Uh, yeah. Yeah, I kind of, uh,

  • Uh, yeah. Yeah, I kind of, uh,

  • uh, Super Glued myself...

  • to, uh, myself.

  • No. Uh, no.

  • Ow. Don't, uh, don't send an ambulance.

  • Look, is there anything, uh, you know, around the house?

  • Paint thinner.

  • ## [Continues]

  • David?

  • Shit.

  • [Siren Chirping]

  • Don't move! Stay where you are!

  • Hands where we can see 'em!

  • Both hands! Get the other hand up, goddamn it!

  • I can't! I can't! I'm glued!

Oh, shit!


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