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  • Okay hello Youtube. I'll be show you how to use

  • minecraft portable. Lets see.... Minecraft portable is for all you people

  • That has a computer that dosent have Java0:00:18.490,0:00:20.509 Or just doesn't have Java because

  • of uh... school restrictions

  • okay so you can see we have two different installation s. We have the regular instalation

  • and the Java portable installation

  • for today I'll be teaching you how to use the one where

  • Java is not present0:00:41.870,0:00:43.950 so we download both

  • files

  • And throw them into the same folder here0:00:48.080,0:00:51.430 I've created a folder called demonstration for you guys

  • Now just run Minecraft portable0:00:54.350,0:00:55.820 and

  • Let it create some files.. That was fast 0:00:59.850,0:01:04.340Now we need to drag Java into mcp_data0:01:04.340,0:01:06.990 that's where uh...

  • Minecraft portable can detect Java

  • by just let this load wants

  • and we uh...

  • will

  • put it the name0:01:21.420,0:01:28.420 Now just put in the username

  • now we will start

  • downloading the files needed to play Minecraft

  • And in the moment while

  • We let this thing download I will be showing you a program called

  • uh...

  • Minecraftsp

  • Minecraftsp is basically 0:01:52.280,0:01:55.000Enables you to change your name0:01:55.000,0:01:59.170 uh... on Minecraft so you don't have to be called player everytime

  • you connect to some cracked server0:02:01.430,0:02:04.910 The are many "Player"s there because0:02:04.910,0:02:07.440 they don't know how to change their names

  • Now with this you can change your name

  • what downside to this launcher is that you can't uh...

  • update using the official server ofcourse

  • it's a cracked client

  • uh... Lets play around while minecraft loads

  • but it is cut it down

  • spacehab right dot world

  • to its ninety

  • yes monograph

  • portable is working

  • said the current push it is by contrast one point six point six

  • logically pretty fast playground one point six point zero was just released

  • at a few days ago

  • now its working perfectly fine ninety two's checkup a single player

  • has treated you world

  • and just tested

  • scholars

  • inner-city test

  • now that people

  • as you can see it can be reached levels

  • uh... pretty fight him

  • yes nothing much

  • and if you ever want

  • to like carried on

  • it your

  • uh... memory stick

  • and bring it to school that fits how whatever she exited it is possible because

  • bill installation is actually beat it

  • uh... so that's it folks

Okay hello Youtube. I'll be show you how to use


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javaを使わずにパソコンでマインクラフトをプレイする方法(Windows) (How to play minecraft on a computer without java (Windows))

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