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  • From why you have a belly button to where hiccups come from, we answer 10 of your most

  • burning questions about the human bodyHey there, my name is Shima, I'll be reading

  • out the questions and answers • I'm Danger Dolan and I'm here to blow

  • your mind with truth 10 – Why do I have a belly button? ,

  • When you get older, youll be hiding things inside your belly button to sneak through

  • airportsusually deodorant, toilet paper and bottles of waterdon’t try to hide

  • one of your friends in there though, security can always tell

  • The belly button is where the umbilical cord, the tube that connected a baby to their

  • mother, used to be to give the baby food and oxygen to live. After a baby is born, the

  • cord is cut and eventually turns into a belly button!

  • 9 – Where does blood come from? , • The more important questions is: where

  • do teachers get the ink for their red pens? And what happened to that kid who kept getting

  • detention but one day did something so bad that he never came back? Pay attention in

  • class, or one day you might find a little note from your teacher, and shell let you

  • know EXACTLY where blood comes fromBlood carries oxygen and nutrients all

  • over the body and is made up of red cells, white cells, and plasma. Plasma is mostly

  • water but the red and white cells are made in the marrow of bones, the liver, spleen,

  • and parts of the body called the thymus gland and lymph nodes.

  • 8 – What's a “Funny Bone?” , • This is the part of your body that makes

  • you laugh when someone tells a really good joke, you also use when to replying to a funny

  • message from one of your friends L-O-L, I AM LITERALLY ON THE GROUND LAUGHING,

  • HAHA, THAT ROFLS MY WAFFLESThat weird feeling when you hit your elbow

  • is why it's called a “funny bone,” but it's not a bone at all! It's actually a nerve

  • called the ulnar nerveit controls the feeling in your 4th and 5th fingers and also helps

  • to control the movement in your wrist. 7 – What arebutterflies in your stomach?”

  • , • It’s an alarm system in your body that

  • lets you know that girl you kinda sorta maybe like a little bit is actually a demonic soul

  • wrenching alien wearing a mask, and that you should let that legendary hero disguised as

  • the cool kid ask her out to the movies before you doto protect you, of course

  • Butterflies in the stomach are just nervous, fluttery feelings you might feel before a

  • big test or before talking in front a large group of people. These feelings in your tummy

  • are perfectly normal and some people even believe that they actually make you perform

  • better by keeping you on your toes. 6 – What causes hiccups? ,

  • Every hiccup you do means youve lost one day of your life, so if you hiccup regularly

  • it means you don’t have much longer on this world, so you should do squats to make your

  • number of days left go back up againit’s just that easy

  • Hiccups come from when the diaphragm, the muscle that controls your breathing, becomes

  • irritated and moves jerkily, like after eating too much or too fast. The sudden rush of air

  • hits your voice box and results in a hiccup. 5 – Why do people need sleep? ,

  • It’s for the same reason why you brush your teethif you don’t sleep, your

  • brain will get covered by plaque, turn yellow and eventually rot away until there’s nothing

  • left, then youll have to get a fake brain put in just to work out what 2 + 2 is

  • Sleep is vital for your body in order to rest and allow for it to prepare for the

  • next day. During this time, your brain replaces chemicals, sorts and stores information from

  • the day, and solves problems. Without sleep, you'll become clumsy and cranky or even get

  • sick! 4 – Why do we need to breathe air to live?

  • , • Pfft, only nooblets breathe airare

  • you a NOOBLET? Real men develop GILLS on the side of their neck in order to breathe fire,

  • UNDERWATERin SPAACE *crazy breathing noises*

  • Put simply, our bodies need oxygen. By breathing air, our bodies can take in oxygen

  • which in turn is used to create energy inside our bodies. Without this energy, our bodies

  • just wouldn't work! 3 – Why do I get a headache when I eat ice

  • cream too quickly? , • You shouldn’t be getting a headache

  • at allthe ice cream should make your throat freeze up, but if your brain’s getting

  • sore it means you might need experimental electro-shock brain surgery like I didbut

  • don’t worry man, everything will turnoutokaaaar….eerrrr

  • When you eat something cold too fast, the blood vessels in your mouth, neck, and

  • head work to keep you warm by shrinking so that less blood is sent to those body parts.

  • This and the rush of sugar, combine to give that familiarice cream headacheor

  • brain freeze!” 2 – If you are colour-blind, does that mean

  • you see things in black and white? , • No, this is a common mistakebeing

  • colour-blind just means you can’t appreciate art, like this masterpiece I whipped up earlier

  • – I call it, the APPLE… I thinkor was itthe STRAWBERRYdefinitely a fruit

  • or it might be a basketball? Waitwhere am I?

  • Being colour-blind doesn't mean you see everything in black and white. It just means

  • that you may be missing particular colour cones, the little parts in your eye that let

  • you see colour. This just means there are some colours you can't see, but everything

  • else is fine. 1 – Is it ever possible to drink too much

  • water? • Yes, if you drink too much water youll

  • become pale, always covered in sweat, your hands cold and slimy – I had a friend who

  • was like this once, but one day I went over to his house, he was gone, there were empty

  • water bottles everywhere and a frog just laying therethen I heard the frog croak: “Dolan,

  • it’s me” • In most cases, the answer would be no.

  • In rare cases however, it is possible to consume too much water. A person with an unusual illness

  • called psychological polydipsia can drink unhealthy amounts of water, but this comes

  • from their illness rather than from needing water.

  • Outro - So, how about it? Do you have any burning

  • questions about life and the universe that you’d like us to answer in a future video?

  • Go ahead and ask it in the comment box below Anyway that’s it, thank for watching, HAVAGUNWUN

From why you have a belly button to where hiccups come from, we answer 10 of your most


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