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  • DON CHEADLE: Hi, I'm Don.

  • ELMO: Oh, and Elmo's Elmo.

  • DON CHEADLE: And we're here to tell you all

  • about the word inflate.

  • ELMO: Inflate, baby!

  • DON CHEADLE: Now the word inflate means to fill

  • something up with air.

  • And Elmo and I each have something we can inflate.

  • ELMO: Well what is Mr. Don going to inflate?

  • DON CHEADLE: Ta-dah!

  • ELMO: Oh, cool.

  • DON CHEADLE: Beach ball!

  • ELMO: Oh, oh, so Mr. Don is going to fill that

  • beach ball with air?

  • DON CHEADLE: That's right.

  • I'm going to inflate it.

  • Now watch.

  • ELMO: OK.


  • ELMO: Wow, look at that!

  • Mr. Don is blowing air into the ball.

  • And the ball is getting bigger.

  • [LAUGHS]

  • Cool!

  • DON CHEADLE: Boom, there you go.

  • The beach ball is now inflated.

  • ELMO: Wow, look at that.

  • Oh, Mr. Don is a great inflater.

  • DON CHEADLE: Well thank you, Elmo.

  • Now, did you bring something to inflate?

  • ELMO: Oh, Herbie.

  • DON CHEADLE: Herbie, who's Herbie?

  • ELMO: Inflate.

  • DON CHEADLE: Woah!

  • This must be Herbie.

  • ELMO: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  • BOTH: Inflate!

  • Woah, woah, woah, woah, yay!

  • Inflate, inflate, inflate, inflate, inflate, inflate!



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B1 中級

セサミストリート。ドン・チードルとエルモ - インフレート (Sesame Street: Don Cheadle and Elmo -- Inflate)

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