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  • What the actual hell, Ames. What am I gonna do?

  • I can't afford this place on my own right now.

  • You could get a roommate.

  • Okay, okay. Hear me out: The Internet.

  • Hey, thanks for coming.

  • We're just doing some interviews to see who fits best for the roommate...position.

  • Yeah, we're gonna ask you some questions, cool?

  • -Uhhhhh

  • How often do you clean?

  • I...I shower.

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • I'm really passionate about cats. And vampires.

  • How about vampire cats?

  • [ Nods seriously, says nothing ]

  • I moved here for Uni a few years back so I'm looking for a place to settle in.

  • [ Dee ]: Rachel, do you know an Officer Smith?

  • [ Amy ]: The relationship audit for the common law partnership of Deanne Warson and Rachel Mannt will begin?

  • My visa expires soon, if I didn't get a sponsor I'd be deported!

  • [ Amy ]: Online videos are huge.

  • Start up your camera, make a couple videos acting all couple-ish

  • Bing, bang, boom. You've got your asses covered and I've got blackmail material for life.

  • [ Dee clears their throat ]

  • Just kidding about the last part.

  • [ Rachel ]: I think Dee has a boyfriend.

  • [ Amy ]: Dee has you. It is rude not to tell your pretend girlfriend about your secret boyfriend, I think.

  • Amy, Rachel, this is Edmond.

  • I'm non-binary.

  • [ a bite of bacon-laced confusion ]

  • So you're still spreading that nonsense then?

  • I thought you'd grown up.

  • [ Mrs. Warson ] We all have things about ourselves that we don't like.

  • And the rest of us get on with our lives.

  • Okay, everybody has their stories down, right? Rach?

  • I just love you so much Deanne.

  • Okay...Amy?

  • I'm in love with ass-face here.

  • That's cute butt face, love.

What the actual hell, Ames. What am I gonna do?


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