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  • Before watching this make sure you have a napkin

  • because, shit is about to get greasy.

  • KFC

  • KFC is red.

  • Do you know what else is red?

  • That is right.

  • The color red.

  • Red has three letters.

  • KFC also has three letters.

  • Three times three is nine.

  • Seven ate nine, therefore we are left with seven who ate

  • nine.

  • There is seven days in a week.

  • Week.

  • Week rhymes with the word beak.

  • Beak.

  • Chickens have beaks.

  • Chicken

  • Chickens have two wings.

  • Humans have zero wings.

  • Two plus zero is two.

  • The colonel has two eyes.

  • Chickens also have two eyes.

  • Two plus two is four.

  • There is four letters in the first four letters of

  • McDonalds.

  • McDonald's sells chicken.

  • KFC also sells chicken.

  • There is nine letters in the word McDonalds.

  • Nine.

  • Nine rhymes with the word Electromagnetic delay line.

  • Magnet.

  • Magnets are metal.

  • Cages are also metal.

  • Chickens are kept in cages.

  • Is this where KFC gets their chicken?

  • Lets find out!

  • Chickens have two legs and humans also have two legs

  • so two plus two is four,

  • the colonel had four limbs,

  • a chicken has two limbs incase you count their wings

  • which is four, four divided by four is one,

  • the Illuminati has one eye.

  • KFC is Illuminati confirmed.

  • Vegemite is black.

  • Do you know what else is black?

  • That's right!

  • Seals

Before watching this make sure you have a napkin


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KFCはイルミナティ (KFC is Illuminati)

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