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  • I like reading very much

  • I read book in my spare time after my work, and

  • before i going to bed

  • I fall in love with reading

  • My name is Wida. I come form Java of Indoneisa

  • books are expensive to me

  • And difficult to storing here in Hong Kong

  • Its also have to spend If ship my books back to Indonesia

  • We can exchange different kind of books if borrowing from library

  • To gain more knowledge by reading several of books

  • I will come here every week if I can finished all the borrowed library books

  • If not, come here every 2 weeks

  • I haven’t get well educated when I was small

  • I can upgrading myself through readings

  • I also can make many new friends who like reading in the library

  • We exchange our favorite books

  • We share the feelings after reading the books

  • Sunday to me is...

  • A day to release my pressure after a week 's work

  • I can go shopping, eating and gathering with friends

I like reading very much


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A2 初級

日曜の女の子 .移動図書館 .海外勤務者の話 @+852 (Sunday Girls . The Mobile Library . The story of oversea worker @+852)

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