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  • Hej! My name is Fredrik Biel. I work as an interior designer for IKEA.

    イケアのインテリアデザイナーの Fredrik Bielです。

  • I want to show you what we've done in this small box.

    小さい箱の内側を お見せします。

  • This bathroom is only 2.7 square meters and by using the vertical space-

    このバスルームは、2.7平方メートル。 高さを活用したので―

  • -we were able to fit in a laundry area.


  • And using this small cabinet with holes you can sort out your laundry directly.

    穴のあるキャビネットは、 洗濯物をさっと分類できます。

  • When you open it, it's easy to pull out this basket-

    中のバスケットは 軽いので―

  • -which is very lightweight.


  • We put in the washing machine here, which is in depth, narrower than normal.

    この洗濯機は、奥行きが 通常より浅いものです。

  • And when you don't want to look at the laundry any more-

    ランドリーを見せたくない ときは―

  • -you just close it.


  • And on this side of the bathroom we have the bath area.


  • We put up some nice shelves here for your bath things.

    シェルフには バス用品が置けます。

  • But also you can put up candles and stuff if you want to have that spa feeling.

    キャンドルを飾れば 贅沢なスパの雰囲気に。

  • We also put up this drying rack, which you can raise to the ceiling.

    物干しラックは 天井まで上げられ―

  • You can also lower it when you want to dry some clothes.

    ―低く下げれば 洋服が干せます。

  • And on this side, as you can see, we have very narrow storage.

    こちらには コンパクトな収納と―

  • Like this sink for instance, you have-


  • -the tap on the side to save space. You also have a built in shelf here.

    サイドに付いた混合栓に つくり付けのシェルフ―

  • And also hooks on the side.


  • This unit here is based on boxes that's for waste sorting, actually.

    実はこれはゴミ分別用の ボックスです。

  • We use it here instead to have storage for your make-up and stuff.

    化粧用品などの収納に 利用しています。

  • And on this side we put up cabinets here, with two mirrors.

    こちらのミラー付きキャビネットは 姿見にもなります。

  • Which makes a long mirror, so it's good when you're getting dressed.


  • On the side here, we have shelves for towels and other things.

    横のシェルフには タオルなどが置けます。

  • That's all. Hej då!

    これで全部。 さよなら!

Hej! My name is Fredrik Biel. I work as an interior designer for IKEA.

イケアのインテリアデザイナーの Fredrik Bielです。


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IKEA Small Spaces - 小さなランドリールームを小さなバスルームに (IKEA Small Spaces - Squeezing a small laundry room into a small bathroom)

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