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  • When I saw the traffic on the road , I went bananas. Can you sense my anger? Can you


  • sense my irritation? … I’m sure you can!


  • Hi and welcome to today’s lesson, My name


  • is Rima and today’s lesson is all about going absolutely crazy, that’s right. I


  • have for you 15 crazy idioms and we are gonna have a look at seven of them first. So, all


  • of these idioms actually mean the same thing they mean going crazy, either with anger, either with anxiety,


  • with happiness but essentially they mean youre going crazy. So, well


  • a lot of them are very very fun. So, let’s look at the very first one, and the first


  • one isGo Bananas’. Now trust me this has nothing to do with you becoming long,

    最初は go bananas です。これはあなたが長くなることや

  • green, yellow and filled with potassium, it actually means that you are going crazy


  • So, 'Go Bananas' actually means going crazy with anger,

    go banana は実際は怒りや不安、もしくは楽しみで気が狂うことを意味します。

  • anxiety or joy. So, if you have to useGo Bananasin a sentence.. so you would say

    文の中で go bananas を使う時は、

  • okay Let’s take anger first – “ when I saw the traffic on the road, I went bananas.


  • . Can you sense my anger? Can you sense my irritation? … I’m sure you can! Well


  • the second usage would be – “ I went bananas while waiting in the linebecause I was


  • so anxious, because the line actually was for my exam result. Imagine that anxiety,


  • you are going bananas and if I had to use it for joy, I’d say “ I saw my best friend


  • after 10 years and I went bananasthat means you went crazy, crazy, crazy with joy,


  • that’s right. So the wordGo Bananasas in the idiomGo Bananasactually

    だから go bananasというのはgo bananasというイディオムがいろんな感情を意味するように、

  • stands for a lot of feelings, when you are going crazy either with anger, anxiety or joy. I


  • hope that’s clear and now moving on to the next one. So, this one isGo Nuts’, now

    さぁお分かり頂けたと思って、次に進みます。go nuts です。

  • it has nothing to do with cashew net or peanut or a brazil nut. It's actually going crazy either


  • with joy or anger. So, you could useGo Nutsin a sentence saying – “ I went

    だから go nuts を次にような文で使うことができます。

  • nuts after watching the filmit was so good , as if you loved the film, you became


  • a huge fan of the film, which is why you went nuts about it or say maybe “ I’ll go nuts


  • if I’ll have to keep working for 17 hours a day, everyday.” Which means you are going


  • crazy with anger and irritation and anxiety and fatigue. So, that’ s how you useGo

    このように go nuts を文の中で使います。

  • Nutsin a sentence. Well that was all aboutGoing BananasandGoing Nutsand

    going bananas とgoing nuts の説明は以上です。

  • now let’s see what we have next on the list. And the next one is slightly different, it


  • isLose it’, now this has nothing to do with losing objects or losing your cell phone,

    lose it です。物体を失くしたり、携帯電話を失くすこととは関係ありません。

  • this actually means losing your head, that’s right. Losing your head or losing your temper.


  • So, “Lose itactually means that you are getting very very angry about something,

    lose it は何かに非常に腹が立っていて、

  • so you know…. You could sayWhen my mom saw the mess in the house, she just lost it


  • How many times you have experienced that, I am sure a lot of times. It’s very easy


  • to make your mom lose it, right? So, that’s right, soLose itstands for losing

    お母さんを怒らせることは簡単ですね? lose it はカッとなったり、

  • your temper, losing your head with anger, just getting really really enraged. So, if


  • you had to use it in a sentence, remember your mom and that would be very very simple


  • for you. Well that isLose itfor you and moving on, this one isGo Mental’,

    lose it はこんなところです。次にうつります。go mental です。

  • now this is as easy as it gets, because this is about going absolutely crazy with anger


  • and now it doesn’t have to do anything with you going to the mental hospital or a mental


  • institution, it just means that you are so angry that you are almost bordering on mental


  • . Well I don’t think … I can get that angry right now, but I can definitely help


  • you as to how to use this idiom in a sentence. First of all, I am gonna write the meaning


  • – ‘Go Mentalmeans to get very very angry, okay. So, now that you are angry, you

    go mental はとってもとっても怒っていることを意味します。だから怒っているので、こんなことを言うかもしれません。

  • could say something like – “When I realized that they were being unfair to me, I went


  • absolutely mental.” Do I look angry enough? Well I hope I do and I hope that explains


  • Go Mentalabsolutely clearly. I am moving to the next one and this one happens to be

    go mental がそれで完璧に分かってくれたことでしょう。次にうつります。freak out です。

  • Freak Out’, wellFreak Outcan be used in a positive way and also in a negative

    freak out は前向きに使われるもので、後ろ向きにも使われます。

  • way. So, ‘Freak Outcould mean that you are angry or absolutely elated and joyful.

    freak out は怒っているか、楽しくて大喜びかのどちらかを意味します。

  • So if I am going in for the latest sale in town, then I could say something like


  • – “When I saw the sale prices, I just freaked outwhich means I was crazy with joy. But


  • I could also say something like – “ When I reached office late, my boss just freaked


  • outwhich means my boss got very very angry. So, ‘Freak outis a very very simple

    私の上司は非常に怒っているという意味です。だから freak out は非常に簡単です。

  • , you can use it either positively to show that you are elated or joyful or use it negatively


  • to show that you are very very angry. So, that’s ‘Freak Outfor you. And the

    後ろ向きに使ったりします。freak out はこんな感じです。

  • next idiom on my list isGo Bonkers’. I’m sure you have heard this one before,

    私のリストにある次のイディオムは go bonkers です。これは聞いたことがあるでしょう。

  • it’s a really fun one and it means either you are angry or you are very very happy to


  • see someone or something. So, let’s say that you see this really cute girl for the


  • very first time, you could say something like – “ When I saw Suzan for the first time,


  • I went absolutely bonkers”. Oh! My God, can you hear that flip flop of your heart?


  • Can you feel your heart beat skipping? That’s whatGo Bonkersessentially means, but

    心臓の鼓動が速くなるのを感じるかな?go bonkers が意味するのはそういうことですが、

  • if you have to use it in a negative way, you could say something like – “ When I saw


  • the traffic, I went absolutely bonkers”, like you were so angry, irritated and enraged


  • . So, that’s right, that’s ‘Go Bonkersfor you. You can use it happily or you can

    それが go bonkers です。楽しいように使えるし、怒っても使えます。

  • use it angrily, it’s all up to you. And the last one on my list for now isGo

    あなた次第です。私のリストの一番最後は go berserk です。

  • Berserk’, I know this one is kind of funny, doesn’t it? Berserk with a ZZZZZWhat

    ちょっと楽しいと思いませんか?ZZZZ で狂う。

  • does it really mean? WellGo Berserkmeans actually to freak out, which means

    本当はどういう意味でしょう。go berserk は実際に気が狂うことを意味します。

  • to get absolutely angry or irritated. So if I have to get irritated with someone, I could say something like


  • Whenever I see work not being done properly, I just go berserk”, I can’t tolerate it, makes


  • sense. Now so if you have to show absolute and complete irritation andyou know absolute


  • anger…. regarding something you could useGo Berserkand it’s a very very effective

    go berserk です。とても影響力のあるイディオムです。

  • idiom. So well those were my seven absolutely crazy idioms which indicateyou know


  • crazy either with anger, anxiety, joy, happiness, excitement or absolute irritation. We are


  • gonna look at some more, but for that, a little more patience. Okay, so we are going


  • crazy together, we are having a look at 15 crazy idioms, that’s right.


  • Were gonna have a look at 8 more of them. Now all of these idioms stand for going crazy


  • with anger or joy or irritation or excitement. So, the next one on my list isFly off

    次は fly off です。

  • the handlevery interesting and trust me this one has nothing to do with flying or it has nothing


  • to do with any kind of a handle. It actually means that you are so angry that youve


  • gone crazy with anger. So, well if I have to use this in a sentence I would say something


  • likeWhen I see people disrespecting books, I just fly off the handleorWhen my


  • father figured out that I have a boyfriend he just flew off the handle”. Now, that


  • sounds very relatable, right? Well that’s “Fly off the handlefor you and I am

    身に覚えがあるでしょう?それが fly off the handle です。

  • going to move on to the next one which meansBlow one's topright, that rightBlow

    次にうつります。 blow one's top です。

  • one’s topnow, this has nothing to do with the wind blowing your top or any other


  • kind of nudity, it actually means that you are so angry, it’s like youve blown your


  • head away so it means to go crazy with anger, So if I have to say something like, “When


  • I saw that the mechanic had messed up my car, I blew my top.” That’s right, I got so


  • angry with him, that I blew my top, how can you mess up my car, you mechanic and so on and so forth.


  • That’s the usage forBlow ones top” I hope that’s very very clear to you and

    それが blow one's top の使い方です。わかりやすかったと思ってもらえればよいのですが。

  • I am moving on to the next one. Now the next one isHit the roofokay, now this has

    次にうつります。次は hit the roof です。

  • nothing to do with you taking a hammer and hitting the roof or breaking it down, it absolutely


  • means that you are going crazy with anger or excitement. When I saw that my sales team


  • had achieved the target for the quarter, I just "hit the roofor for examplewhen


  • I saw the things were not in order, I just hit the roofso you can use it either positively


  • or negatively and hit the roof is going crazy with anger or excitement. Coming upthe

    hit the roof は怒りや興奮で気が狂うことです。

  • next one very interesting and sounds really niceGo ballisticnow, this has nothing

    次に来るのは、興味深くて、音が良いですよ。 go ballistic です。

  • to do with a gun or anything related to a bullet, this actually means going crazy with


  • joy or anger,so go crazy with joy or anger . “When the party was a success, I went


  • ballistic or I had such a great time that, I went ballisticwhich means, I was crazily


  • joyful at the same time I could say something like, “ When the whole thing turned into


  • a massacre, I went ballistic”. Which means, I went crazy with anger or some sort of anxiety,


  • so basically you can useGo ballisticeither positively or negatively . And moving onGo

    go ballistic は基本的に、前向きでも後ろ向きでも使うことができます。

  • off the deep endnow this has nothing to do with sky diving or bungee jumping or

    go off the deep end はスカイダイビングがバンジージャンプとは何も関係ありません。

  • anything like that, it actually means that you are so angry, youre actually going


  • off the deep end, so it means going crazy with anger . Whenever there is an extreme


  • situation in my life, I just feel like I’m “going off the deep endyou knowit’s


  • like youre not able to cope with anger or with the pressure and you just give in


  • andGo off the deep endWell that’s the usage forGo off the deep endand

    それが go off the deep end です。

  • I hope it’s clear to you so the next time there is something really really taxing happening


  • in your life, you make sure you don’t “Go off the deep endwell coming back, the


  • next one is very simpleBlow upand no, it has nothing to do with a bomb or an

    次は blow up です。爆弾やアクション映画で家が吹き飛ばされるのとは何も関係ありません。

  • action movie or a house blowing up, it just means that, you are blowing up with anger,


  • so going crazy with anger. So if I had to use this in a sentence I would say something


  • like, “My friend blew up at me, when I let out her secretthat’s right, she


  • has every right to go crazy with anger. Well that is the usage forBlow upand the

    怒りで気が狂う権利がありますね。blow up の使い方でした。

  • next one’s really funny this one saysPop one’s corkokay now this has nothing

    次は楽しくて、pop one's cork です。

  • to do with a wine bottle or wine bottle’s cork nor does it have anything with your pop,


  • as in your father this means absolutely losing your mind with anger . So the meaning is losing


  • losing your mind with anger, so I could say something like – “Sam just popped his cork, when


  • he saw that his entire house was in shambles”. Well can you imagine you walk into your house


  • and your house has absolutely gone to the dogs, it is in shambles ,so Sam absolutelyPopped his


  • corkwhen he saw that his house was in shambles, which means he lost his mind with


  • anger and very rightly so, well that's the second last on my list and the very last one


  • for today is very very funnyGo apenow this has nothing to do with themovie

    とっても面白い、go ape です。これは「猿の惑星」という映画とは何も関係ありません。

  • planet of the apesnor does it have to do anything with any kind of a monkey or gorilla


  • or an ape, this actually means that you are so angry that youve gone ape which means


  • to go crazy with anger. So, "Shelly went ape when she saw a little boy hitting her daughter",


  • so well "Shelly was very very angry she just lost her mind with anger because she saw someone


  • hitting her little girl . So Shellywent apewhen she saw a little boy hitting her

    彼女の娘を叩いている男の子がいたんですもの。went ape は小さな男のを見たら、

  • daughter. Well I hope youve figured out the usage of all these crazy idioms, yes essentially


  • most of them mean the same they mean either going crazy with anger / excitement/joy or


  • losing your mind to anger. So I hope that youre not gonna go crazy with the usage


  • of these and that I have made the usage fairly easy and clear for you so make sure you enjoy


  • these 15 crazy idioms that we shared today and have a good time with them. Well that brings


  • me to the end of today’s lesson and yes we went through 15 crazy idioms which essentially


  • meant the same pretty much they meant going crazy with anger / excitement/joy/irritation


  • absolutely losing your mind with anger or joy so well I hope that you don’t go crazy


  • using these I hope I have made the usage absolutely clear and easy for you. Well thank you for


  • watching today’s lesson and if you have something to say to me make sure you type


  • in the comment box below. This is me Rima signing out and saying thank you .


When I saw the traffic on the road , I went bananas. Can you sense my anger? Can you


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