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  • Hi guys. Me and the Food Tube family together with our friends at LV

  • are here to help you guys out. You told us what your biggest cooking headaches are, so

  • together we'll show you our secret tips and

  • tricks which will change the way you cook forever. Okay lovely people. How to

  • make the perfect Yorkshire puddings?

  • Lets just, lets just talk about the perfect Yorkshire pudding.

  • That beautiful little thing that you can put gravy in. It's great with roast dinners.

  • You know, crispy on the outside, bit chewy down here.

  • Let's do it. First up, big bowl. Whisk.

  • And I need four eggs. I'm using beautiful fresh

  • free range eggs, and we're gonna whisk those up.

  • I'm using a big bowl so we can get some nice air in there.

  • Then I'm gonna go in with 200 millilitres of whole milk.

  • 200 grams of plain flour. Now you can sift it.

  • You know, when you sift it it just makes it nice and light and no lumps. We don't

  • want lumps in there.

  • So just whisk up your batter. As you can see now it's nicely whipped up

  • I'm just gonna add a little pinch of salt and nothing else.

  • That's basically it. Now we want it to just coat the back of a spoon.

  • It should just stick nice to it.

  • That's the batter made. What I do want to do is get it from a bowl

  • which is perfect for making it, into a jug because that's perfect for pouring

  • it quickly.

  • Because that is another important part that I'll talk about in a minute. We are using

  • a sunflower oil. You can use the ground oil or a Sunseed oil. Absolutely these are

  • oils that can handle high heat. We want one centimeter

  • in each mould. So I'm going to fill out these three and what I like to do

  • is then just gently, but evenly

  • pour the oil all the way along

  • and by the time you hit the bottom you have absolutely perfect exact

  • measurement across

  • every single one. And I know what you're thinking,

  • I invented it, or at least I think I did.

  • Now we are gonna pre-heat our oven to 190 degrees Celsius

  • I've got one in there already, okay. It's been in there for about 15 minutes.

  • So my pre-heated oil comes out,

  • this is very hot I'm gonna go

  • in with my batter here

  • I'm gonna use a spoon. What you don't want is

  • loads of batter touching the side.

  • if you have batter in between, what's gonna happen

  • is that will drag your Yorkshire pudding down, and it will stop it rising

  • as efficiently.

  • And what's happening now you can see the hot oil is starting to cook the batter

  • on the outside, and as we put this in the oven the heat of the oil is gonna push

  • the batter up the side to create that lift. Okay. We're gonna go straight back

  • into the oven. I'm gonna close the door

  • and we're gonna leave it.

  • You want to dedicate the whole oven just to Yorkshire puddings.

  • They're gonna cook for about 20-25 minutes until golden

  • and crispy, and gorgeous. You're gonna love it! Come on baby!

  • So for me guys

  • this really is the perfect Yorkshire pudding. You can go bigger, you can put more batter in.

  • Then I think it goes too crispy and too dry. I like

  • this kind of size. I like the kind of balance of crispiness

  • around here, and the chewiness from inside.

  • Look what you've got there. Absolutely gorgeous. I wanna show you guys something

  • even more incredible to go with Yorkshire puddings that's not the usual

  • thing.

  • So I've got some nice smoked salmon. I'm gonna put it down

  • onto a beautiful border platter. To compliment that I want a little simple

  • sauce. Now you could use sour cream

  • yogurt, or creme fresh. Just beat it up

  • and I'm gonna add just the juice of

  • one lemon. Here's a fresh horseradish. So we're gonna peel

  • the horseradish. The little grating over the salmon,

  • just like snow. What I like about this is it's contrast.

  • fire and lightness. It's beautiful. Just mix it up.

  • Just gonna take some of this dill, and from a height,

  • just pick it. And then freshly cooked,

  • hot Yorkshire puddings, loading it with that hot

  • sour cream and horseradish sauce. A nice bit of smoked salmon.

  • And then just find a quiet little moment, for you

  • and that beautiful combination, and just tuck in.

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  • It's free and we love you and we love it, so keep coming guys.

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  • Take care. Bye-bye!

Hi guys. Me and the Food Tube family together with our friends at LV


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