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  • And for the top international news headlineswe now turn to Lee Sunho at the News Center.

  • Today′s focusRegardless of substanceDonald Trump made a lot of noise at the presidential

  • debate, a French hostage in Yemen is releasedand John Stewart takes one final bow at the

  • Daily Show.′ But first... Donald Trump

  • If drawing any kind of reaction from the audience is what really mattershe certainly delivered.

  • The billionaire businessman turned reality TV star... ate up the most time at the debate

  • while taking jabs at the other candidates... and even the moderators.

  • But for all the boos from the crowdthere were just as many cheers.

  • Our Won Jihyun has this story. There may be 17 Republican hopefuls for next

  • year′s election for the President of the United States.

  • But as the party′s first presidential debate showed,... all eyes...and ears... were on

  • just one man.

  • Mr. Trump.″ A defiant Donald Trump stole the show... at

  • the first GOP presidential primary debate on Thursdayproving himselfonce again

  • as the frontrunner of the rightwing party. The televised debate hosted by Fox News invited

  • the top 10 Republican candidatesincluding Donald TrumpJeb Bushand Scott Walker.

  • The twohour debate heated up... as Fox News moderators threw some tough questions

  • at Mr. Trump,... including past offensive comments about women.

  • At firstTrump responded with a jokesaying the comments were only aimed at his

  • old nemesisRosie O′Donnell. When the moderator challenged him back

  • Trump admitted to making such comments,... but said he wasn′t sorrybecause he has

  • no time forpolitical correctness.″

  • What I say is what I say. And honestly Megynif you don′t like it, I′m sorry.

  • I′ve been very nice to you although I could probably not bebased on the way you have

  • treated me. But I wouldn′t do that.″ The tycoon also got booed by the audience

  • when he refused to rule out a thirdparty run.

  • He was the only candidate to raise his hand when asked if anyone would not make the pledge

  • to run as an independent candidate. In the endTrump had the longest speaking

  • time in the twohour faceoffwith 11 minutes and 14 seconds,... followed by Jeb

  • Bush at 8 minutes and 48 seconds. Meanwhilethe Democratic Party announced

  • on Thursday... that it will hold its first presidential primary debate in October

  • hosted by CNN. By next summerboth parties will have one

  • presidential nominee each to take part in the official showdown for the White House.

  • Won JihyunArirang News.

And for the top international news headlineswe now turn to Lee Sunho at the News Center.


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米国の不動産王トランプ氏が共和党のレースをリード 미 공화 대선경선 개막...거침없는 트프럼 (U.S. real estate mogul Trump leads Republican race 미 공화 대선경선 개막…″거침없는 트럼프)

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