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  • The Signs of Sleep Deprivation. If you are not just getting enough sleep your

  • body eventually starts showing outward signs. One of the first signs of being deprived of

  • your sleep is feeling tired during the day. Another sign is if you are able to lie down

  • in the evening and fall asleep in 5 minutes or less.

  • While many people think this is great, being able to fall asleep so quickly.

  • It often means that you are lacking in sleep big time!

  • Microsleeps is a condition where you experience short bursts of sleep in a person that is

  • asleep. These short bursts are extremely short, we

  • are talking a fraction of a second or up to 30 seconds at a time.

  • You may feel as though you don't know what just happened or that you weren't really there

  • for that brief time. Many people who are deprived of sleep often

  • find that alcohol really affects them. They are more susceptible to feeling the effects

  • of drinking more than when you are well rested. If you turn to drinking caffeine beverages

  • and other types of drinks to keep you awake products, you will find that they do not work

  • very well for you. This is because your Sleep Debt is so high.

  • Sleep Debt is the number of hours of sleep your body is lacking due to not sleeping enough.

  • This number actually increases each night you do not sleep properly.

  • On the good side you can reduce your Sleep Debt numbers and catch up and restore your

  • sleep patterns. Other symptoms of sleep deprivation include

  • snoring, suffering with leg cramps or experiencing those tingly feelings.

  • You may find that your breathing changes when you are asleep.

  • You feel as though you cannot breathe properly. Insomnia is where you spend more hours awake

  • than asleep and if you are dealing with this, then you should really seek advice from your

  • doctor. It can be helpful to start a sleep journal

  • or diary. This way you can track when you experience

  • a good night's sleep and when you just can't sleep.

  • Professionals recommend keeping a diary for a two week period, this way you can get a

  • good overview of how well you are, or are not, sleeping.

  • The best advice for anyone who is having trouble sleeping is to get help and advice.

  • If you do not, your health can really be affected and you could end up with a serious health

  • concern.

The Signs of Sleep Deprivation. If you are not just getting enough sleep your


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睡眠不足の兆候 (Signs of Sleep Deprivation)

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