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  • - I am really excited because today

  • I'm gonna be checking out Taroko Gorge,

  • one of the top attractions in all of Taiwan.

  • It's known for its marble cliffs,

  • jungle-clad mountains.

  • This is certainly a nature lovers paradise.

  • I am now deep in the gorge.

  • And this is the spot, the view you want to see.

  • There's a waterfall pouring down.

  • And the cliff sides are so steep,

  • you have to walk around like this

  • in order to take it all in.

  • This is absolutely stunning.

  • So right now I'm gonna take a walk

  • on this beautiful path that goes through the mountain

  • and pops out at the Eternal Spring Shrine.

  • A little walk in nature is always good for the soul.

  • I feel like I'm inside an Indiana Jones movie.

  • There's all sorts of suspension bridges

  • that go over these beautiful waterfalls.

  • The canyons are super high,

  • covered in jungle.

  • You can hear all these bugs chirping in the distance.

  • It's definitely wild.

  • Wooo-hooo!

  • You can't walk a few steps here without stopping

  • and admiring the view.

  • The landscape around here is just breathtaking.

  • I'm in for a treat right now.

  • It is lunchtime, and I'm gonna eat traditional Taroko food,

  • but it's a fusion mixed with some of the modern menu items

  • you can find all over Taiwan.

  • - [All] Cheers!

  • - The Taroko Gorge is definitely one of those places

  • you have to see to believe.

  • The scale of it is so immense, gigantic.

  • It's just incredible to be walking around here.

- I am really excited because today


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台北太郎子峡一日観光ツアー (Taipei Taroko Gorge Full Day Tour)

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