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  • The students can basically do anything they want.

  • In the sense that, we have our materials and we can teach them that.

  • But they can even come to us with other requests from their daily lives maybe.

  • And we can help them with that - overcome real challenges that they have.

  • What our service offers is that the student can take

  • a class with native speakers from the United States, from Australia, from

  • South Africa, but also can have teachers

  • like, I am from Serbia.

  • Because learning English is not about learning the grammar

  • and how to have a good pronunciation.

  • It's also, you learn English while you're talking with different people.

  • They ask you "What's the food like in your country?",

  • "Is it safe?", "Is it nice?", "What things you should visit when you see your country?"

  • So, I also learned a lot about Japan, a lot about Taiwan,

  • a lot about Spain and other countries where we have our service.

  • Our teachers are great.

  • They are cheerful,

  • and they will make you feel relaxed during the classes.

  • And you can improve your English through different kinds of lessons.

  • We have teachers from sixty countries now.

  • And hopefully we'll get more.

  • So, you can basically talk from

  • any point of the world with another point of the world.

  • So, Internet has connected us all.

The students can basically do anything they want.


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