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  • As the old saying goes, "Haters be hatin'." Obviously, we'd like them to knock it off;

  • but science may have provided us with a health bonus for breaking the hate!

  • Hey all you sexual beings out there. Thanks for tuning in the DNews. I'm Trace.

  • Homosexuality and homophobia is a topic of discussion around many a dinner table in the

  • United States and elsewhere *cough* Russia *cough* and though many feel they're in the

  • right on both sides, there's a definite scientific angle to be taken to simply let the battle go.

  • Science says, homophobia is killing you. Yeah. To a tune of about two and a half years of your life.

  • A study done in the United States and published in the American Journal of Public Health wanted

  • to determine "whether individuals who harbor antigay prejudice experience elevated mortality

  • risk." Turns out, yep. They do. All things controlled for being equal in their study,

  • people who are prejudiced against the LGBTQ community will die two-and-a-half years earlier

  • than an equally healthy person of the same age

  • And sadly the stress isn't only on the bigots,

  • it spreads to their targets too.

  • Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health completed a separate study which found

  • bixsexual, gay, and lesbian individuals living in communities with a high level of anti-gay

  • prejudice had higher mortality as well! They found, when controlling for the normal variables

  • of a community, people in the sexual minority died 12-years sooner

  • LGB people living in high-prejudice communities were THREE TIMES more likely to be murdered

  • than in low-prejudice communities! That's astounding. A key point in their study, was

  • they assessed the community as a WHOLE rather than the experiences of individuals.

  • I don't have a research study to cite, but it seems to me it's rarely only the bigot

  • and their target who are victims of the stress involved. The hate is probably felt by their

  • families, their neighbors and their friends as well. I wonder what THEIR health effects are...

  • What do you think of this? Have you ever let go of hate and feel better? Share your experiences

  • with haters down below in the comments, Your experiences are important. Make sure you subscribe for more,

  • and we'll see you next time on DNews.

As the old saying goes, "Haters be hatin'." Obviously, we'd like them to knock it off;


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ホモフォビアがあなたを殺す理由 (Why Homophobia Could Kill You)

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