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  • Alois: Hi, I am Alois Rosario.

  • Jeff:And I am Jeff Plumb and we are from PingSkills.

  • And now, we are going to teach you the backhand counterhit.

  • Alois: So, let's have a look at Jeff playing the backhand counterhit.

  • There is three things that we need to consider with the backhand counterhit:...

  • The first one is the feet position.

  • You will notice that Jeffs' feet are facing towards where he wants the ball to go.

  • So, he is really square on and his body faces forward.

  • The second thing is the start position of his bat.

  • So, the bat is in front of his body facing towards where he wants the ball to go.

  • Then he comes through, hits the ball and his finish position...

  • is up and forward at shoulder height.

  • And, you will notice now that the forehand side of his bat...

  • faces towards the roof at the end of the shot.

  • So, now that Jeff is showing you the technique...

  • you can see that Jeff will be able to use the same technique...

  • to hit the ball slowly or fast.

  • All he does is he just moves his bat through the stroke faster,...

  • if he wants the ball to go faster.

  • And slower, if he wants the ball to go slower.

  • So, that is why it is really important to get a good technique with your strokes.

  • So, the main things to consider when learning the backhand counterhit:...

  • Firstly, starting with your feet.

  • If I want to the ball to go in that direction, that is where I am facing with my feet.

  • If I want the ball to go across court, then that is where I need to face with my feet.

  • The second part of the stroke that you need to consider is your start position.

  • Make sure that your bat is nice and flat, facing towards where you want the ball to go.

  • So, it needs to be in front of your belly and nice and flat.

  • And, the final part of the stroke is you need to hit the ball and follow through.

  • And, turn your bat over, so that now the forehand side of your bat is facing to the roof.

  • You need to finish up at around shoulder height.

  • So, some things that I see as common errors with the backhand:...

  • Firstly, a lot of players tend to change their grip.

  • So, they turn their bat around in their hand like that.

  • It is easier for backhand but it is going to be really difficult later for forehand.

  • That is why it is important to keep a nice central grip,...

  • so that you will be able to play both backhand and forehand with the same grip.

  • The second thing with the backhand that I often see...

  • is that players tend to push their right foot forward...

  • and play their backhands like this.

  • That is okay, again, if you are only playing backhands that works fine.

  • But when you are playing a game of table tennis, you have not got enough time to be doing...

  • backhands with your feet side-on this way and...

  • then turning all the way around

  • to play your forehand.

  • So, that is why you want to be nice a nd square on,...

  • facing towards where you want the ball to go.

  • And, the third thing that I see with backhands...

  • is that often players finish over on the left hand side of their body,...

  • instead of finishing over on the right hand side.

  • So, an easy way to fix that problem is to just make sure that...

  • you are waiting for the ball a little bit longer, wait for it and hit the ball closer to your body.

  • And then, you stroke will tend to come out the right way.

Alois: Hi, I am Alois Rosario.


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