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  • Countless times I try

  • I stop and start to find a path through the dark

  • Stumbling through my tears

  • My doubts and fears

  • My way back inside your heart

  • Though the odds are low, I'm breaking through

  • You know I do it for you

  • When you're by my side, I'm justified

  • There's nothing I can't do

  • I'll stand and fight through the sorrow

  • Pick up my dreams, face tomorrow

  • Make this curse unwind like a rope

  • And turn our fate into chance to hope

  • Our ties make us braver, for nothing is greater

  • Holding you is all I wish

  • I promise I'll be there through each lonely night

  • Someday I will make this right

  • For love and for honor, I carry the future

  • Faith leading me through the dark

  • I'll go on

  • If I fall I'll get up again 'til the end

  • Out of this nightmare

  • Evermore onward, this is the oath I swear

Countless times I try


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