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  • So, a lot of people have asked me lately, "How do you read so many books?" And the answer

  • isn't in what Britney does. So basically what Britney does is this... She watched a YouTube

  • video once, and she was told that she could read any book in two minutes. So all she has

  • to do for this is get the book, and then look at the cover, and then look inside the table

  • of contents, read that, and she's read the book. And she did this with The 7 Habits of

  • Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, and now she tells everyone that she's read

  • the book. But the problem with this is that nothing that Britney read resonated with her.

  • So if you read, let's say, Habit 4: Think win-win, that doesn't really mean anything

  • to you until you hear about a person in business who used that to grow his business into something

  • great. And I'm not saying do what, who should we pick now, Bill, do what Bill does. So what

  • Bill does is he has to read every single word in the book, every single word! And if he

  • misses something, then he thinks he hasn't read the book. If he misses the part where,

  • you know like the author dedicates the books to his wife or something, he thinks that he

  • hasn't read the book. So I'm not saying that. But what I'm talking about is you have to

  • know the stories behind the principles for them to really resonate with you. So here's

  • one of the greatest changes that I have made in my life... And usually all the changes

  • that I make are really strategic, they come from strategy but this is sort of tactics,

  • like a really pragmatic tip for what you can do. So basically I looked at my life, and

  • I realized, "Well, I always have, everyday I have an hour of mundane stuff." So that

  • can be when you wake up and you get ready for work, or driving to work, or your lunch

  • break, or when you take a bath. And basically I realized there was an opportunity for me

  • to use that time to develop myself. So here's how it would work with some of my friends...

  • So a lot of my friends drive 30 minutes to work and 30 minutes back. So what you can

  • do is pick a book and let's again pick The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen

  • Covey and that will be a book that's about 10 hours, let's say. So what you do is you

  • put it at 2X the speed, which is pretty much double the tempo, so that gives you 5 hours

  • of listening time. And I've listened to so many books like that, it's not too fast. So

  • you listen to that and the total listening time is 5 hours, so what that person can do

  • is listen to it on the way to work and on the way back, and he's listened to an hour

  • in one day. So in 5 days, he will have finished the entire book. And there's always that one

  • person that's going to be, "Well, I don't have a 30 minute drive." Neither do I, but

  • look at your daily activities where you do the mundane things and use those, so I do

  • it when I take a bath and when I eat lunch, and that sort of a thing. And this is really

  • really powerful. You can read books in 3 to 5 days. And instead of being on your way to

  • work and thinking about how your boss is going to be an asshole yet again, you can be doing

  • that. So the two issues that I come across with this, and this is only 10% of the people

  • or I'd say even less that do this, are the following... The first one is, I always have

  • one person tell me, "That's too much. Why are you straining yourself, dude? Like that's

  • way too much." And they say something like, "I read a couple of books every year, and

  • I'm fine with that." And that's okay. I'm not going to criticize that, but that's what

  • I do when I play tennis for example. So I play tennis a couple of times a month, but

  • I would never go up to a professional tennis player, who's passionate about what he does,

  • and tell him, "Dude, why are you straining yourself? You know, just relax. You don't

  • have to practice that much." You know, it's the exact same thing. And reading is something

  • that I'm most passionate about because, it has really transformed my life. With every

  • book that I read, I become happier, I become financially stronger, physically stronger,

  • emotionally stronger. And the second issue that I come across with sometimes is this

  • whole thing of, I call it "pseudo-aristocrat problem." Basically a person that read a bunch

  • of Mark Twain back in the day or whatever, and he tells you, "You know, if you don't

  • read a book, then it doesn't count." And I have done both. I've read many books and I've

  • listened to many books, and I can tell you there is pretty much no real difference in

  • doing either one. And you have nothing to be ashamed of. Think about it this way...

  • You are having a conversation with one of the greatest minds that ever existed, that

  • ever existed! One of the greatest minds! And someone's telling you, "That's not the right

  • way to do it." Come on. So there is nothing to be ashamed of, and finally I want to end

  • it with, this is something that I've done a lot of research on. And I've practiced it,

  • I've tried different methods, and this is something that has been one of the most helpful

  • things that I have done. So if any of you have advice on how you do things that can

  • help me, and not only just me but everyone else in regards to this, please share so everyone

  • can benefit.

So, a lot of people have asked me lately, "How do you read so many books?" And the answer


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