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  • Time to find out if Melissa McCarthy is a movie star, or a fading fad?

  • Youre watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of Spy...

  • James Bond, Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, Harry Hart - Susan Cooper?! To be fair, Cooper might

  • be more interested in competing with Austin Powers, but still, the bar is raised pretty

  • high here. In fact, there’s a lot riding on Spy all around. First off, Melissa McCarthy

  • needs to prove that Tammy was an unfortunate blip on her box office track record, and not

  • a sign that audiences are beginning to grow tired of her shtick already. Tammy, only McCarthy’s

  • third starring role since her breakout turn in Bridesmaids, vastly underperformed compared

  • to Identity Thief and The Heat. Then there’s Paul Feig, who hopes to prove he’s the secret

  • ingredient to McCarthy’s success having helmed both Bridesmaids and The Heat. But

  • even more than that, Feig is putting himself on the line here as a screenwriter as well

  • - something he hasn’t done since 2003’s I Am David - which was not a comedy. Feig

  • was a writer on Freaks and Geeks though, and surely hopes to prove here he’s still got

  • what it takes - especially as he plans to write the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, which

  • will also star McCarthy. There are also a lot more female comedies these days since

  • Bridesmaids impressed in 2011, which means McCarthy and Feig will have to contend with

  • Pitch Perfect 2 and Trainwreck. And while Jude Law and Jason Statham give Spy some much

  • needed male appeal, will it be enough to lure male viewers away from Entourage and Ted 2?

  • Interestingly, the two most likely to benefit from Spy are Rose Byrne - potentially stealing

  • the show once again after Neighbors - plus UK comedian Miranda Hart who’s making her

  • Hollywood debut. So are McCarthy and Feig running on fumes, or

  • are they simply

  • the new Will Ferrell and Adam McKay? One-note sure, and sometimes down -

  • but

  • never out...

Time to find out if Melissa McCarthy is a movie star, or a fading fad?


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