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  • Hi Chad!

  • Can I come over to your house again this weekend?

  • Umm,

  • I’m sorry Allen,

  • my parents said you can’t come over

  • to our house any more.

  • What?

  • Why not?

  • Don’t you remember how upset they were

  • the last time you came?

  • No,

  • I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.

  • That’s the problem.

  • You were so disrespectful

  • that my parents think you are a

  • bad influence on me.

  • How was I disrespectful?

  • The last time you came over,

  • you helped yourself to whatever food you wanted

  • and left a huge mess all over my kitchen.

  • It was such a huge mess

  • that I had to ask my sister

  • to help me clean it up after you left.

  • And when my parents came home,

  • you didn’t even greet them.

  • You acted like they weren’t even there.

  • Okay,

  • when you put it like that it does sound bad.

  • I’m really embarrassed.

  • Your parents must hate me.

  • Can you tell them sorry for me?

  • Sure.

  • Maybe...

  • theyll let you come over again

  • if they know youve changed.

  • I hope so.

  • From now on, I will be so respectful

  • that your parents will enjoy having me over again.

  • The Bible says,

  • "we should be eager to show respect for one another."

  • REAL FRIENDS respect each other.

Hi Chad!


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【英会話】大切な友達を尊重する、1-2分の会話 (14 Real Friends RESPECT-2 OneMinuteConversations)

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