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  • Hi Chad.

  • Hey Allen.

  • Aren’t you glad the tests are finally over?

  • Huh, what?

  • I said,

  • aren’t you glad the tests are finally over?

  • Ohhh, yea, yea.

  • Last time you did great on your tests.

  • How do you think you did this time?

  • I said,

  • how do you think you did this time?

  • What time is it?

  • No!

  • Can you please take off your headphones?

  • It’s cool that youre into your music,

  • but can I be honest with you?

  • Sure.

  • What do you need to tell me?

  • Every time I talk to you,

  • you don’t really pay attention.

  • I’ve seen you do this with your other friends too.

  • It makes us feel like youre

  • not interested in what were saying.

  • It’s kind of rude.

  • Wow.

  • Is it really that bad?

  • Yes.

  • You should probably work on it.

  • Well, thanks for saying something.

  • Next time I will take my headphones off

  • when I’m around other people.

  • I appreciate your honesty.

  • Any time.

  • The Bible says,

  • "an honest answer is a sign of true friendship."

  • REAL FRIENDS are honest with each other.

Hi Chad.


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