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  • A king he was on carven throne

  • In many-pillared halls of stone

  • With golden roof and silver floor

  • And runes of power upon the door

  • The light of sun and star and moon

  • In shining lamps of crystal hewn

  • Undimmed by cloud or shade of night

  • There shone forever fair and bright

  • The world is grey, the mountains old

  • The forge's fire is ashen-cold

  • No harp is wrung, no hammer falls

  • The darkness dwells in Durin's halls

  • The shadow lies upon his tomb

  • In Moria, in Khazad-dûm

  • But still the sunken stars appear

  • In dark and windless Mirrormere

  • There lies his crown in water deep

  • Till Durin wakes again from sleep

A king he was on carven throne


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Most Epic Music Ever: "Song Of Durin" by Eurielle

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