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  • Hi. My name is Rebecca, and in today's lesson, I'm going to show you a number of words and


  • expressions that you can use when you want to generalize about something, when you want


  • to speak about something in general. Okay? So let's look at them. They're very useful


  • when you're discussing an issue with someone, or if you're writing an essay, or a paper


  • about something, you can certainly use these transition kind of words and these expressions.


  • Here we go. Okay. So, here's the first one: "Overall," okay? You can also practice pronouncing


  • them after me, if you like. "Overall,", "Generally,", "Basically,", "All in all,", "On the whole,",

    続けてください。"Overall"(概して言えば)、"Generally"(一般的に)、"Basically"(基本的に)、 "All in all"(一般的に)、"On the whole"(全体として)

  • okay? So all of these mean that you're going to make a statement which is a general statement,


  • or comment, or remark.


  • So, for example, you could start with something like this:


  • "Overall, I believe the situation is out of control."


  • And you don't have to say this part. You could just say:


  • "Overall, the situation is out of control." But you could add this, if you're saying that... If


  • you want to qualify it and explain that that's your perspective and your view. Okay?


  • You can do that with any of them. "Generally, I think the government has misspent our money."


  • "Misspent" means spent it in the wrong way or in a bad way.

    "Misspent" とは、時間や金銭の使い道を誤る、浪費することを意味します。

  • All right, here are some other expressions you can use when you want to indicate that


  • you are generalizing about something. You could say: "By and large," okay? "By and large,"

    使える他の表現方法がいくつかあります。"By and large"と言えます。

  • it means the same thing like: "In general," okay? Or: "Broadly speaking,", "Broadly speaking,",

    "By and large"とは、"In general"と同じく、「全般的〜」を意味します。他には"Broadly speaking"、(大まかに言えば)

  • "In general," or: "For the most part, I feel the storm has passed." Okay?

    "In general"、(一般的に)「暴風は大体過ぎ去ったと思う」よろしいでしょうか。

  • Last one: "Essentially,", right? "Essentially, I would say the crisis has been averted."


  • "Has been averted" means the crisis has been avoided. We managed to avoid it or prevent it from happening. Okay?

    "Has been averted"は、危機が避けられたこと、何かが発生することを防げたことを意味します。よろしいでしょうか。

  • So, these are the important words you need to know if you want to generalize, and this


  • is how you could continue a sentence once you have used one of these words or expressions.


  • Okay? If you'd like to practice doing this, which is probably a really good idea, go to


  • our website: There, you'll be able to do a quiz on this subject, as well


  • as watch lots of other videos on many other topics in English. Okay? Thank you very much.


  • Good luck with your English.


Hi. My name is Rebecca, and in today's lesson, I'm going to show you a number of words and


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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英会話:一般論を導き出すためには (Conversational English - How to Generalize)

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