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  • Jessi: Hey guys I'm Jessi, this is Augusto, and we're at Animal Wonders in Montana. We're

  • so super excited to be launching this new channel with a little help from our friends

  • Hank Green and Caitlin Hofmeister. I wanted to start off by doing a little bit of a tour

  • around Animal Wonders so you could see what we're all about and what you can expect from

  • our episodes. So I invited Hank to help us explore.

  • (Laughing)

  • Hank: I know why I wanted you to have a YouTube channel, why did you want to have a YouTube

  • channel?

  • Jessi: We really wanted to be able to share the animals with as many people as possible,

  • so it's just amazing that we have... we can go international with this.

  • Hank: Yeah.

  • Jessi: It's just awesome.

  • Hank: So if you recognize Jessi it's because she is often, actually always, on SciShow

  • Talk Show, which is the talk show we do on SciShow; where we talk to scientists and people

  • and then Jessi brings in an animals for us to be like "Whaaat?". Um, and after doing

  • that it and seeing how much you had to offer, I wanted to see how it all worked in the real

  • world, and here it is.

  • Jessi: Here it is! What do you think?

  • Hank: I think it looks like hard work.

  • Jessi: (Laughing) It's hard work. Worth it, worth it.

  • Hank: I don't know how you do it. And you also have twins, and you have animals, and

  • you have a whole compound to take care of and a small business to run at the same time

  • as taking care of all these animals.

  • Jessi: Yeah. It's a lot; don't remind me. It's a lot.

  • Hank: I'm very impressed, uhh, and so I'm really excited to share it with people.

  • Jessi: Well thank you; we're really excited to be able to share it with people too.

  • Hank: Yeah.

  • Jessi: Yeah.

  • Hank: Awesome.

  • Jessi: Go! Go rats go! Go rats go!

  • Hank: Rats. Rats. Running rats. Welcome to Animal Wonders.

  • Jessi: And join us on this adventure, yay! If you want to see more awesome animal stuff,

  • subscribe.

  • Hank: Where is the subscribe button now? It keeps moving.

  • Jessi: This way.

  • (both laugh)

Jessi: Hey guys I'm Jessi, this is Augusto, and we're at Animal Wonders in Montana. We're


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New Animal Wonders!! Ep. 1

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