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  • Mormons. We know the name thanks to high-profile members like Mitt Romney and a popular Broadway musical,


  • but according to a recent survey, most Americans don’t know much about them.


  • In fact, critics suggest that voters didn’t ally with Romney in 2012 because they were

    実際に評論家は、有権者が2012 年にロムニーを支持するべきではないと提言しました。

  • suspicious of the Mormon faith. So who exactly are the Mormons?


  • Well, let’s break it down. Mormons identify themselves as Christians, belonging to the


  • Latter-day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity.


  • They follow the teachings found in the Bible and The Book of Mormon amongst others.


  • The religion itself is actually quite young.


  • The church was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith in upstate New York.


  • Smith claimed that he received a revelation from God saying that Jesus would one day return to a New Jerusalem in America.


  •  When Smith died, Brigham Young led a significant number of Mormons to Salt Lake City in Utah,


  • where the religion’s headquarters was established.


  • By and large, Mormons are considered a conservative religion, abstaining from drugs, alcohol,


  • pornography, gambling, and even drinking caffeine.


  • The majority of Mormons are also outspoken about being opposed to abortion, homosexuality, and sex before marriage.


  • Most people also believe them to be polygamists, yet the Mormon church denies it,


  • saying it discontinued the custom over a century ago and anyone who practices it will be excommunicated.


  • Reports suggest that Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives and it’s noted that there are some fundamentalist sects

    報告によると、ジョセフ・スミスには 40 人近くの妻がいたそうです。原理主義派が存在することが知られており、

  • of the Latter-day Saints that continue to practice that tradition.


  • While some Mormon beliefs seem to go against the grain of modern society,


  • according to the church, it’s the fastest growing faith in the world.


  • Since it was established with just six followers, the church now boasts 15 million members.

    わずか 6 人の教徒で設立されて以来、教会には今や 1,500 万人の信者がいます。

  • With new members, the Mormon church has grown in more ways than one.


  • Mormons practice something called tithing where each person is required to donate 10% of their earnings to the church.

    モルモン教徒は「十分の一税」と呼ばれるものを実施しており、それは一人一人が収入の 10 %を教会に寄付しなければならないというものです。

  • And with 15 million followers worldwide that amounts to a lot.

    そして、世界中に 1500 万人の信者がいるため、それは多額になります。

  • So just how rich is the Mormon Church, and how influential are they?


  • It’s true, the Latter-day Saints are pretty wealthy but they are also notoriously tight-lipped about how much they earn.


  • It’s reported that tithing brings in around 7 billion dollars annually.

    十分の一税は年間約 70 億ドルをもたらすと言われています。

  • In fact, Mormon’s have developed a solid reputation for being great business leaders


  • and it’s understood that the church's holdings are immense, comprising around 35 billion dollars worth of

    教会の不動産は膨大であり、約 350 億ドルの価値があると認識されています。

  • corporate commercial ventures including temples, ranches, and shopping malls.


  • Religious scholars suggest that for Mormons, giving to the poor and making a million dollars is all part of doing God's work.

    宗教学者たちは、モルモン教徒にとって貧しい人々に施しをすることと 100 万ドルを稼ぐことはすべて、神の業の一部なのだと言います。

  • Aside from their economic wealth and power, Mormons have also started to get more involved in the political arena.


  • According to a 2012 Pew Research Center survey, 74% of Mormons lean toward the Republican Party

    2012 年のピュー・リサーチ・センターの調査によると、モルモン教徒の 74 %が共和党に傾倒しています。

  • and although Mitt Romney recently withdrew from the 2016 presidential race,

    ミット・ロムニーは最近、 2016 年の大統領選挙戦から身を退きましたが、

  • experts suggest that with financial backing from the Mormon church and community business leaders,


  • we may see more Mormon candidates representing the Republican party in the future.


  • However, they might have to work on their relatability to the voting public, first.


  • Does believing in God have anything to do with how smart you are?


  • Turns out, researchers have investigated this question in the past. Learn what they found on DNews!


Mormons. We know the name thanks to high-profile members like Mitt Romney and a popular Broadway musical,



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