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  • A lot of guests have been on this show in the past few weeks,

  • and...they leave stuff behind.

  • So we're cleaning the dressing rooms,

  • and we find their stuff,

  • and he have a lost and found box.

  • So I'm gonna show you some stuff that people have left.

  • Vice President Joe Biden was here on my birthday.

  • He stopped by. That was very sweet of him

  • to stop by. Cleaning out his dressing room,

  • he's left some files. He left...the nuclear codes.

  • Um...

  • Left that.

  • Here's another one that says "Alien messages."

  • So, I'm going to get these back to him.

  • I'll just put a stamp on them.

  • And Justin Bieber was here twice in the last few weeks,

  • which was really sweet that he's been here.

  • And I found these in his dressing room.

  • This could be the biggest Justin Bieber scandal yet.

  • Look what I found.

  • Temporary tattoos.

  • They're...

  • [cheers and applause]

  • They're fake.

  • Fake.

  • I thought he was like, you know, badass and everything,

  • but no. - Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm.

  • - They--he just peels them off at night.

  • [laughter]

  • And then Sia was here performing.

  • Did you see Sia's performance?

  • It was amazing.

  • [cheers and applause]

  • She always does these really cool--and she's nominated

  • at the Grammys this weekend.

  • And I don't know if-- she's performing, as well,

  • which should be cool. Anyway, she was here

  • and left something behind. And I couldn't fit it the...

  • Will you bring it out, Dave, and show everybody what...?

  • She'll pick it up, I hope, soon.

  • [laughter and applause]

  • Thank you, Dave.

  • [applause]

  • Oh, no.

  • Wow. Hi, sweetheart.

  • I'm so sorry. Somebody will come get you.

  • That's really a shame. So...

  • Your name's Rebecca, right?

  • - Yes. - Okay, so it's...

  • I don't know how they would forget you like that,

  • but anyway, we'll feed her and water her until you come to...

A lot of guests have been on this show in the past few weeks,


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