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  • Hello Chris Hemsworth! I feel like I talk to you all the time.

  • Good. Good to see you. Good to talk to you.

  • First of all, what are you most looking forward to the fans seeing this time around?

  • I think it's... The feedback we've been given is that it's funnier than what we've seen

  • before from a Marvel film or from the Thor film, and the humour was essential to all

  • of us. We had to tie in this fantastical world with... With humour, it allows the audience

  • to have a good time, you know, and buy into it all. And the action's ramped up. The drama,

  • it's kind of... No stops here. It's all yeah...

  • And obviously these big films come with massive fan attention. Have you learned how to cope

  • with it all yet?

  • Yeah, it's always a little daunting to step out of car and onto a carpet like this. It

  • just reminds me how lucky we are to have fans like this that have such an affection for

  • the film.

  • Your lives are just a series of women stroking you in the street.

  • No, not a lot. My wife, maybe, but... She won't let anyone else.

  • You're a London boy now. Can you do us a bit of a British accent? That'd be delightful.

  • You can go and watch Rush. I did a British accent in there.

  • I need to warm up into it though. I'll pull a muscle.

  • One last question. Working with Tom again. What is it like getting back together with him?

  • It's great. Tom's the greatest. We started this journey together with these characters,

  • and three years later to be here and for it to have worked out and be on the train and

  • being successful is really, really special.

  • Fantastic. Have a good night.

Hello Chris Hemsworth! I feel like I talk to you all the time.


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Chris Hemsworth interview: Thor 2 funnier than average Marvel movie

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