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  • Up until now you've been keeping the skis parallel and just sliding down. It's now time

  • to meet your new best friend - the snow plough. You're going to push the backs of the skis

  • out and create a vee or wedge shape with the skis and that's going to give you some resistance

  • and the feeling of slowing down.

  • The easiest way to try the snow plough for the first time is down hill on the flat. You

  • can use a friend and all they're going to do is pull you along using the ski poles,

  • slide for a couple of meters and then gently push both skis (very important to make it

  • equal), the backs of the skis wider and wider, look them in the eyes, its going to help you

  • balance. Ok let's give it a go. Start to slide. I'm now simply going to push wider with the

  • skis. If I keep going wider I'll actually see if I can stop him from pulling me.

  • Give that a few goes.

  • We've got the snow plough dialled on the flat, it's now time to actually try it for real.

  • Same rules apply, remember the basics; looking forward, arms nicely in front and away from

  • your body and relax. Pick up a bit of momentum, let yourself go and then very, very gently

  • start to push the backs of the skis slightly wider. If I increase that and go slightly

  • bigger I'll actually come to a stop. Perfect control.

  • Everything is gradual - nothing is rushed. Gently push out the back of the skis and you

  • come to a complete stop. If you're finding you're giving yourself problems by swimming

  • or making any weird hand gestures or putting the poles in the snow to try and help yourself

  • A simple way: get rid of these things and place the hands onto the thighs and keep the

  • upper body nice and calm. If you watch as I'm coming down literally my chest is going

  • to face you all the way down. Hands there, relax the upper body and just be gentle.

  • Much better. Let's have another go.

Up until now you've been keeping the skis parallel and just sliding down. It's now time


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初心者スキーレッスン #1.3 - スノープラウ (Beginner Ski Lesson #1.3 - The Snow Plough)

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