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  • Okay...let's try something else.

  • These are cupcakes. Cup cups!

  • Lemonhope, you have two cupcakes. Finn has no cupcakes.

  • Lemonhope, will you give Finn one of your cupcakes?

  • Umm...but I don't want to!

  • I want both cupcakes! Finn can get his own cupcakes.

  • [sighs] Maybe we need something more hands on.

  • Hey Finn, listen, that's it for class today.

  • Woop! [cheers in happiness and joy]

  • But read the next three chapters of your goemetry text!

  • Well, at least these streets mark.

Okay...let's try something else.


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A1 初級

アドベンチャータイム - レモンホープ(スニークピーク (Adventure Time - Lemonhope (Sneak Peek))

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