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  • Sci-fi visionaries often paint alternate realities with awesome biological and technological

  • advancements; flying cars, lightsabers, humanoid robots.

  • It's all fun and games until we see a liquid printing device that can make the real world...into,

  • well, Westworld.

  • We saw these visuals from MIT and wow.

  • This is like some nerds saw the Westworld intro and thought, I can do that.

  • This is a new 3D printing process called Rapid Liquid Printing.

  • And like the robots in Westworld, spoiler alert, this evolves how we think about this

  • technology.

  • We're all likely familiar with 3D printing machines.

  • We've got printers in many schools and libraries, and even though they're more widely accessible

  • than they were even five years ago: traditional 3D printing still has limitations in speed,

  • quality, and overall size.

  • They're stationary, extrude plastic or metal to build on platforms layer-by-layer, and

  • are generally

  • Slooooooooooooooooow

  • They're slow.

  • Since the popularization of the 3D printer in the last 15 years we've seen at-home

  • model-making, specialized auto parts, and even shoes come out of these devices!

  • But making 3D thingamabobs ain't easy, creators have to build support structures to keep their

  • creations from collapsing, or add extra bits that need to be cut off after printing.

  • Not to mention all the moving parts of the machinery itself!

  • Enter RAPID.



  • It's faster, eliminates the support structures and instead of a flat surface, the gel provides

  • 360-degrees of suspension and support.

  • The printer is essentially drawing in 3D space; eliminating something else you might not have

  • thought of as well: gravity.

  • Plus, it's cool lookin' and fast.

  • According to my sources at -- it could take anywhere from 4 hours to TWO WEEKS

  • to print THIS!

  • The RLP printed a tabletop in 10 min.

  • And speed is not the only thing that makes this printer different.

  • The real secret is in the liquid gel.Depending on the gel's composition creators can produce

  • high quality substances -- even metals.

  • The molding sets within the gel and hardens thanks to the chemical curing agents already

  • inside the tank and boom.

  • You can bust out a table.

  • No long wait, no extra steps, easy peasy.

  • And what's best is that with a big enough tank, there are no scale limitations for this

  • method!

  • You could even make something life-sized .

  • But really though, this design process isn't coming for Westworld, yet.

  • Rapid Liquid Printers were made with customizable furniture in mind, but ultimately they might

  • be the cornerstone to opening new production prospects in automotive and aerospace industries,

  • where fast, large-scale manufacturing is vital.

  • But as cool as that is, can't we all agree we need robots fighting it out in an idyllic

  • western setting?

  • Like, we just need that in our lives.

  • If you like science in your day, don't forget to subscribe.

  • And if you're into going beyond a 3D model and want to see scientists simulating brains

  • for robots , check out how these ones doing it with a worm.

  • Fun fact: The gel used in the tanks actually has the consistency of hand sanitizer or hair

  • gel and takes up to an hour to make.

  • Imagine, one sec you're just doing your hair, and next you're revolutionizing 3D

  • printing.

  • Thanks for watching

Sci-fi visionaries often paint alternate realities with awesome biological and technological


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