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  • Some people think branding is only about logos and graphics.

  • Branding got its name, after all,

  • when a heated piece of iron met a cow's hide.

  • But B2B branding has become so much more.

  • At Godfrey, we think of your B2B brand

  • as a symbolic representation of your company.

  • From the way you make your products

  • to the way you answer the phone.

  • It's the sum total of everything you do

  • to interact with your customers, your suppliers,

  • your audience, your market, your world.

  • It's shorthand for their total experience.

  • To be most effective, your brand has to stand for something.

  • Represent all that you have to offer a customer.

  • Show your position -- real and aspirational -- in the market.

  • Reflect your values. Say who you really are.

  • It has to come from inside your organization as well as outside.

  • It needs to be captured in the way you treat your people

  • as well as the way you treat your customers.

  • In the office. Across the street. And around the world.

  • It's not once and done. It's day in and day out.

  • Years and even decades.

  • And it's for real.

Some people think branding is only about logos and graphics.


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B2Bブランディング戦略動画 (B2B Branding Strategy Video)

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