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  • Yeah, yeah.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo.

    Welcome to watch Mojo.

  • And today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10.


  • Worst things Activision Blizzard has done this was wondering, is this, uh, out of season April Fool's joke?

    アクティビジョン・ブリザード社が行った最悪のこと これは、季節外れのエイプリルフールのジョークなのかなと思いました。

  • Yeah, yeah, For this list, we're looking at the most infamous controversies reported under this video game holding companies Roof.


  • What do you think is the worst thing that Activision Blizzard has done?

    Activision Blizzardが行った最悪のことは何だと思いますか?

  • Let us know in the comments.


  • Now let's roll number 10 Constant cod content The call of duty franchise to wipe out half of Europe every year without fail, a new call of duty game will hit shelves.

    さて、10番ロールのコンスタントなcodコンテンツ 毎年欠かさずヨーロッパの半分を消し去るコールオブデューティーのフランチャイズは、新しいコールオブデューティーゲームが発売されます。

  • It will leave the core gameplay and multiplayer almost untouched, adding a little more than a short campaign, some flashier graphics and devouring all of your hard drive space on top of annual releases.


  • These new cod games will always cost far more than they're worth, forcing people to pay out extortionate amounts of money not only for the game but for those pesky season passes as well.


  • Few people would be disappointed if call of duty changed tact and put out better games less often.


  • But when Activision is still raking in the cash With this business strategy, it's not likely to change any time soon.


  • Yeah, Who's your team?


  • Smoke Comrades Number nine Warcraft three.

    Smoke Comrades Number 9 Warcraft 3.

  • Re forged.


  • Yeah, yeah.


  • In an era of nonstop reboots and remakes, the vast majority are resoundingly disappointing.


  • Warcraft three re forged was no exception.

    Warcraft 3 re forged」も例外ではありません。

  • Its wealth of technical issues wasn't the worst of blizzards errors, either.


  • It was also significantly more limited than the 2002 original, with many promised features completely missing.


  • But to make matters even worse, this wasn't a case where players could just ignore the remake and keep playing reign of chaos.

    しかし、さらに悪いことに、これはプレイヤーがリメイク版を無視して「reign of chaos」をプレイし続けることができるケースではありませんでした。

  • Because Blizzard used the same servers, this meant players were forced into updating to the newer, inferior version and losing some of the functionality The original had blizzard ended up offering everybody refunds.


  • Number eight.


  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater five.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5」です。

  • Mm.


  • In a bid to maintain the licensing rights to the Tony Hawk series, Activision decided to mercilessly destroy what was once one of the best franchises out there.


  • Pro Skater five was a cheap cash in on Tony Hawk's name, and little else besides, its gameplay was completely uninspired, featuring bland maps that ask players to collect random items while playing music that couldn't match up to the iconic soundtracks of the original, though it was the worst Tony Hawk game, the worst skateboarding game and one of the worst games ever made, period.

    Pro Skater 5」は、トニー・ホークの名前を安易に利用しただけでなく、ゲーム性もまったくなく、ランダムにアイテムを集めるだけの味気ないマップや、オリジナルの象徴的なサウンドトラックには及ばない音楽が流れるなど、トニー・ホークのゲームとしても、スケートボードのゲームとしても、史上最悪のゲームのひとつとなってしまっていた。

  • The fact Activision thought they could get away with this might be the worst thing about it.


  • Okay, thank you.


  • I plan to write a number seven, the auction house Diablo three.


  • You keep a defining feature of Diablo has always been its randomly generated loot and Diablo three when a step further by introducing an in game auction house for you to buy and sell items to get the loot you really want.

    Diablo」の特徴は、ランダムに生成される戦利品ですが、「Diablo 3」では、さらに一歩進んで、ゲーム内のオークションハウスでアイテムを売買して、本当に欲しい戦利品を手に入れることができるようになりました。

  • Though there was an auction house for in game currency, there was another, far more controversial one where players could use real world money to buy high level items for people willing to farm loot.


  • The auction house was big business, but paying to be better at the game was widely disliked.


  • Finally, in 2014, the auction house was shuttered for good, with blizzard developers saying that implementing it at all was one of their biggest regrets.


  • So as he saw, we're going to be shutting down the Diablo auction houses number six the treatment of Bungee Destiny and Destiny, too.


  • After the wild success of Halo, all eyes were on bungee to see what its next big I P would be Destiny was promised as a triple A adventure through the solar system.

    Halo』の大成功を受けて、バンジーは次の大型I Pが何になるのか注目していました。 Destiny』は、太陽系を舞台にしたトリプルAのアドベンチャーと約束されていました。

  • But on release, it didn't live up to expectations.


  • It was over hyped to oblivion by Activision's marketing.


  • And an unpleasant deal with Sony meant that until 2019, PS four players were getting exclusive content over other platforms.


  • Following the disappointment of the first game, Activision pushed BUNGEE into releasing a sequel long before they wanted to the company's ultimately split and bungee self published Destiny to greatly improving it and making it free.


  • But Activision almost killed the franchise in the process.


  • Free order and get beta early Access Number five Infinity Ward.

    Free order and get beta early Access Number five Infinity Ward.

  • Call of duty Modern Warfare two.

    コール オブ デューティ モダン・ウォーフェア2

  • Thanks, Yeah, get up, Private Allen Rangers lead the way.


  • Activision has a bad reputation for enlisting lots of studios in the development of cod, with studios, infinity ward Tray Arc Raven software and sledgehammer games, all playing a role in producing the new FPs each year.

    アクティビジョン社は、codの開発に多くのスタジオを参加させていることで評判が悪く、infinity ward Tray Arc Raven softwareやsledgehammer gamesなどのスタジオが、毎年新しいFPの制作に一役買っています。

  • But this approach made enemies of Infinity.


  • Ward's co founders, Jason West and Vince Sam, paella just a few months after the launch of modern warfare.


  • Two.


  • Already tired of making call of duty games, Activision alleged that Sam, Paella and West were in talks with E A, which caused Activision to unceremoniously fire both of them.


  • The duo sued Activision for wrongful termination and came out on top in the end, winning tens of million dollars from their former employers.


  • I'll brief you on the chopper.


  • Let's Go Battalion is Oscar mine number four tweeting a fake terror attack See in a year and that the only way you can, too.

    Let's Go Battalionは、オスカー・マイン・ナンバー4が偽のテロ攻撃をツイートしている 1年でSee、あなたもできる唯一の方法です。

  • Lots of politically contentious things happen in call of duty.


  • Who can forget?


  • No Russian, But this marketing stunt for Black ops three was particularly awful.


  • Somebody at Activision had the bright idea to transform the official Twitter account into a fake news network and started posting about an alleged terrorist attack in signup or followed by rioting and a state of emergency being called in the city when it was revealed that no signup or hadn't been the victim of a devastating attack and the entire story was just to promote one of the world's most lucrative video games.


  • People had run out of patience for Activision, who thought this was acceptable.


  • Yeah.


  • Number three Micro transaction patent.

    第3位 マイクロトランザクション特許

  • Forget paying $60 for a finished game at release.


  • Now you'll pay more money for unfinished games and are expected to buy virtual items on top.


  • Micro transactions are the bane of every gamer's life, and Activision Blizzard is no exception.

    マイクロトランザクションは、すべてのゲーマーの悩みの種であり、Activision Blizzard社も例外ではありません。

  • Overwatch is famously riddled with loot boxes, while even call of duty had supply drops for a while.


  • But worst of all was Activision's patent for a matchmaking technique that would drop players who had bought items through micro transaction into matches that would make those weapons highly effective.


  • This would serve to convince people to shell out even more for a clear gameplay advantage.


  • It hasn't been implemented, but the patents existence is unpleasant.


  • Enough number to the Blitz Chung controversy in 2019 Popular hearthstone player Blitz Chung spoke out in support of the Hong Kong protests during a tournament, much to the ire of Blizzard.

    2019年のブリッツ・チャン論争に十分な数 人気ハースストーンプレイヤーのブリッツ・チャンは、大会中に香港の抗議活動を支持する発言をし、ブリザード社の怒りを買いました。

  • He was kicked from the tournament, forced to forfeit his prize money and was banned from competing for a year.


  • The public backlash was enormous, with blizzard wildly perceived as pandering to China, not in the least because Chinese publisher 10 Cent owns a stake in Activision.


  • Blizzard Blizzard rolled back blitz chunks, punishment a little and apologized.

    Blizzard Blizzardはブリッツチャンクを巻き戻し、少し罰を与えて謝罪した。

  • But not until after Overwatch players began using May as a mascot for the Hong Kong protests.


  • A boycott of Activision Blizzard was launched, and Mitsubishi, a sponsor of the tournament, withdrew support.


  • Before we unveil the worst thing Activision Blizzard has done, here are a few dishonorable mentions.

    Activision Blizzard社が行った最悪の出来事を紹介する前に、いくつかの不名誉な出来事を紹介します。

  • Call of duty, modern warfare remastered people who bought infinite warfare for this lost out when it was released on its own pre purchase select additions to play the modern warfare remastered campaign 30 days early, starting October 5th only on PS four Diablo immortal.

    Call of duty, modern warfare remastered このためにinfinite warfareを購入した人は、単体で発売されたときに損をしたことになります。 一部の追加アイテムを事前に購入すると、PS4版のみで10月5日から30日早くmodern warfare remasteredキャンペーンをプレイすることができます。

  • Unfortunately for Blizzard, this was not a prank.


  • Yeah, Mhm, Yeah, open dot DLC for 100 cod points a red dot sight marginally different from the free one could be yours before we continue.

    ええ、ええ、オープンドットDLCを100 codポイントで購入すると、無料のものとはわずかに異なるレッドドットサイトを、先に手に入れることができます。

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  • Number one starving staff are independent.


  • Studios are the creative engine of Activision.


  • They are responsible for making our video games, and you'd think that with ballooning video game budgets, at least some money would go to the developers themselves.


  • But despite Activision making billions of dollars each year in 2020 it came out that many Activision Blizzard Dev's We're Struggling to Make Ends Meet.

    しかし、2020年にActivisionが毎年何十億ドルも稼いでいるにもかかわらず、多くのActivision Blizzard Dev's We're Struggling to Make the Ends Meetが出てきました。

  • CEO Bobby Kotick took home a paycheck for more than $30 million in 2020 and in protest, the developers shared their own salaries on an anonymous spreadsheet.


  • They discovered they were being grossly underpaid, and many of them were having to skip meals because their wages were so low.


  • Even the company's shareholders aren't happy with the huge bonuses Codec and the other executives give themselves.


  • I see more opportunity for our company than I've ever seen in the 30 years that I've been doing this in the mood for more awesome gaming content.


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