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  • Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

    どうも皆さん、English Understoodのシェーンです。

  • Keep it up, John!

    Keep it up, John!

  • Keep it down, John!

    Keep it down, John!

  • Huh!?


  • Keep it up?

    Keep it up?

  • Keep it down?

    Keep it down?

  • What's the difference?


  • 'Keep it up' is a phrase we use to give encouragement to people, to tell them that they are doing a good job.

    「Keep it up」は誰かを励ますために使うフレーズで、よくやっていることを伝えるものです。

  • So for example, let's pretend I have a student who's learning English and he is getting better and better and better, and I want to encourage him to make him feel better: I can say, 'Keep it up, John!'

    ですから、例えばボクが英語を勉強している生徒に対して大分上手になってきているから頑張ってるということを伝えようとする時には、「Keep it up, John!」と言います。

  • But 'keep it down' is a phrase which means be quiet.

    でも、「keep it down」は静かにしてほしいときのフレーズです。

  • Be quiet.


  • So, for example, if I say 'John, keep it down', do you think John is being loud or he is being quiet?

    ですから、例えばボクが「John, keep it down」と言ったら、Johnはうるさくしていると思いますか、それとも静かでいると思いますか?

  • He's probably being loud.


  • So, let's pretend I'm at the movies and there's someone sitting in front of me who's really loud, making lots of noise.


  • What can I say to him?


  • I can say 'Keep it down!'

    そういう時は「Keep it down!」です。

  • 'Keep it down!'

    「Keep it down!」

  • This means be quiet - Be quiet.


  • What about if my friend has been going to the gym for the past three months and I can see he's getting fitter. He's getting stronger. He is happier.


  • What can I say to give him some encouragement?


  • I can say, 'Keep it up!'

    そういうときは「Keep it up!」ですね。

  • 'Keep it up!'

    Keep it up!

  • This means don't stop.


  • Do what you're doing.


  • Continue what you are doing because you are doing well.


Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

どうも皆さん、English Understoodのシェーンです。

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